I'm in a fake harem.

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The southern tour, the emperor is very low-key, only informed the local officials along the road, to ensure safety, the other is very casual, the queen dressed as an ordinary wife

"It's not that I won't tell you, since I've made it clear to you since the last time, I'll tell you everything, and I won't hide anything, but there are thousands of ways to record in my brain before the system, not necessarily which one is effective, but I have to try it myself bit by bit, and the process is very difficult." I really can't bear you to go through the same process of expectation, waiting and disappointment as me. "Okay." Luo Diu Diu also agreed, he two again intimate, also need certain space, since he is determined not to let oneself know, then let nature take its course, as long as he feels good. After this time, not every two days, the emperor found Luo Diu Diu, words do not say much, but directly rewarded him with a stack of silver tickets. Luo Diu Diu liked these portable things very much, and he knew who the silver ticket was going to be given to, so he said, "I will definitely give it to the dreamer." Only then did the emperor nod with satisfaction and cough: "Tonight is the last place to meet." Luo Diu Diu, now look at the emperor, is a large ATM. She shook her head. The emperor's face stiffened and lengthened a lot: "Are you resisting the decree?"? Or does the dreamer think that he has got my benefit and wants to bargain? It's faster to fall out than to turn over a book! Luo Diu Diu secretly complained,lamella clarifer, but patiently explained that this was not the case. As soon as the dreamer saw your majesty, he said that he had satisfied his wish for many years. So this time, he made another appointment with your majesty to meet Xiao Tangquan, whom they had met for the first time. Oh? The tone of the emperor's voice rose and he was very satisfied. The place in Tangquan was better than the imperial garden last time. The emperor was so happy that he could maintain his body for several days in a row. There is no need to elaborate on Xiaotangquan. Just tell you the time and place, and let you make up the scene by yourself. See that a huge stone above, the shore pool water like waves, the battle is fierce, but Mu Zhaoyi always remember to protect his veil. Mu Zhaoyi's situation has greatly improved after having silver, and he is also thinking about his family. Luo Diu Diu naturally helped her contact her family,disc air diffuser, and added a channel of income. Mu Zhaoyi did what he said. Last time he heard Luo Diu Diu say that he prayed for his friends, he really burned incense and worshipped Buddha. Shouluo said that he smelled a hint of sandalwood, and his body calmed down a lot. Luo Diu Diu joked, "You're not a fairy who came down to experience the plunder, are you?" So he set up a Buddhist temple in his own room. Not to mention that it really has some effect, Luo Diu Diu is burning sandalwood, sandalwood has the function of benefiting Qi and calming the mind. Shou Luo's figure is getting more and more stable day by day. Luo Diu Diu's side, however, encountered a bottleneck. After several times, the emperor's desire to meet the woman in his dream became stronger and stronger, and in the course of several acts, he wanted to tear off the veil of Mu Zhaoyi. Luo Diu Diu felt that maybe this wave of mystery was almost over. Sure enough, not long after, Mu Zhaoyi told himself that the emperor tore off her veil, the emperor did not say much, generous sealed Mu Zhaoyi for Lin Fei. For him, rapid sand filters ,Mechanical fine screen, there is only one more concubine in the palace, but there is one less mysterious woman in white in the palace, which is really less interesting. So he gold and silver or not less to Lin Fei's palace inside, but the number of times to go is less and less, as long as in front of him, Lin Fei will always have to wear a veil, in order to stir up the emperor's interest. One seeks sex and excitement, the other seeks money and stability, which is also suitable for both. Luo Diu Diu, however, had a premonition that this harmonious finger could not satisfy him. Shoulo's body became translucent again. When I consulted with him, he said that he had found a way, but it would take another month. Luo Diu Diu heart can't think, a month, that dog emperor certainly can't help. On this day, the emperor sighed again. When life was too short and too boring, Luo Diu Diu secretly gave him an idea: "Has the emperor ever thought about going out of the palace to have a look?" After beautifying the story of Emperor Qianlong's tour to the south of the Yangtze River and the imperial beauty, he said that he would listen to the emperor. When the emperor heard this, his curiosity came up again. He was in a happy mood, and his body was naturally maintained. Out of the Palace (1) As long as the emperor is interested, the matter of leaving the palace is not far away. Fortunately, the queen mother in the palace is not a director, the queen is also a Buddhist, so soon the emperor arranged the trip out of the palace. It is set for March in spring. It is euphemistically called going down to the south of the Yangtze River to observe the people's feelings. Since ancient times, the south of the Yangtze River has been a place rich in fireworks. There are many beauties and the scenery is pleasant enough. It's just that you can't go out of the palace alone. You have to take some followers with you. Wang Yi was remembered by the emperor this time, responsible for the safety of the southern tour. Of course, such as the beautiful family also have to go together, the recent Lin Fei was chosen in the side, and then is the queen and the imperial concubine. The southern tour, the emperor is very low-key, only informed the local officials along the road, to ensure safety, the other is very casual, the queen dressed as an ordinary wife, the imperial concubine is naturally a beautiful concubine, and Lin Fei, this time dressed as an ordinary girl around. Of course, our Su Nvshi, Luo Diu Diu, also went with her, dressed as a little servant girl accompanying her. He kept calling for the emperor. "Concubine Lin is a servant girl, and you are also a servant girl. What does the emperor take you for?" "Oh, Lin Fei hasn't felt wronged yet. What are you wronged for me?" Luo Diu Diu said jokingly. Shou Luo's face was already red with anxiety. He said hurriedly, "You know I'm worried, but you're still joking like this!" "Well, well, I know you're the best!" Luo Diu Diu felt sorry for his recent weakness and could not bear to make him angry. But Shou Luo was still worried and did not say a word. Half a day later, he said slowly, "Diu Diu, you don't understand. There is no one else in my world now. You are the only one left." Darling, at this moment Luo Diu Diu's heart suddenly missed a beat, the feeling of being precious and heavy is so wonderful. Diu Diu turned around and hugged Shou Luo. "Man,rotary vacuum disc filters, you can rest assured that I will make good money and raise you white and fat." As soon as Shou Luo swept away the haze just now, he almost burst out laughing: "Thank you for your husband." To go to the south of the Yangtze River, it is necessary to take a boat. khnwatertreatment.com