The royal family of Dazhou

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Ha ha ha, Zuo Wentian, you fool, can you be a little more childish?"

This promise, can be said to be quite a bachelor directly nothing, but the princess shot a look of heart on her face. Fang Yun's martial arts into the country "a thousand miles a day to meet again this time, the princess can feel that he has made a lot of progress, not to mention other things, with the two strong people behind him who rushed to the fourth grade today, it is enough to make his weight, clip a big promotion to invite Fang Yun to help, it is equivalent to inviting three extremely strong people to help" this deal, that is a great deal. "Fang Yun," this is what you said in the future, when I need it, I don't care what you are doing, "you must come by appointment." This is tantamount to agreeing to Fang Yun's proposal, said the princess. "Ha ha, don't worry." Fang Yun laughed: "Now that I have said it, I will do it naturally in the future." The alliance between two strong martial arts, often from the beginning of mutual help, only two people owe each other a favor, return the favor will almost form an alliance, there is no need to care about what. "Say, where are those men?" Gu shot the princess way "Just wait for your words, come with me." Fang Yun stood up, his body shook, immediately followed into the void, broke through the air and shot the princess followed closely, the body turned into a killing sword gas, and the tail tightened away. In the city of Moling, Zuo Wentian, Zhou Yuqi and others did not know that Fan Wuyu had been sealed by Fang Yun, but it was a little strange. "Brother Zuo, do you think Fang Yun has found out that we are pursuing him?" Zhou Yuqi Road Zuo Wentian frowned and said, "It should be impossible for him to know the decision of our group of elders. And during this period, we have been as careful as possible. The time we stay in each place is not long. He should not have the ability to know in advance that we are coming.." "However, I always feel inappropriate, we have not found his trace until now, not to mention such a big show like him,China spa factory, he wants to kill the lone thief, I am afraid he has already escaped.." Zhou Yulao said Three people move slightly in the heart, all are silent. "Wait another two days, if there is no news, leave directly to the city of Huai'an, and directly capture his one hundred thousand subordinates." Zuo Wentian suddenly raised his head and said, with a trace of hostility in his eyes, three strong men of the fifth grade of Tianchong want to slaughter a group of warriors of the spirit level and the spirit level. It's like slaughtering a dog. "Well, the boy's whereabouts are elusive, and that's all that can be done." Zhou Yuqi nodded "Zuo Wentian, Zhou Yuqi, you three, come up and die." At that moment, a rumbling voice, across the void, sounded a loud voice in the three-person guest room, like a thunderbolt, shaking the whole room. Three people suddenly turn pale, jacuzzi swim spa ,Whirlpool bathtub, the next moment, heaven and earth shake, in three people's induction, a fine awn shakes the sky and the earth, this breath rises into the sky "insolent, overbearing." This is the Naked Challenge. "Fang Yun" An idea flashed through my mind like lightning, and at this moment, the only one who dared to challenge them in this way was the champion of the court. "Go" "Finally showed up." "Kill him." The three of them escaped into the void almost at the same time, and the three of them had no intention of pursuing "how on earth did Fang Yun know that they were in this guest room?" In their minds, there is only one thought now, that is, to kill Fang Yun and finally get Fang Yun's whereabouts, no matter what his plot, three people are bound to be impossible to let him slip away. "It's really a broken iron shoe with no place to shake, and it doesn't waste any kungfu. He actually sent it to the door himself." Three people in the heart ecstasy, a road intrepid consciousness, breaks through the air to come out "locks the square cloud". "Go" When Fang Yun saw that his goal had been achieved, he no longer stayed. With a flash, he immediately flew to a place far away from the city of Moling. The strong man who had gone to Tianchong had great power. If this caused a large number of civilian casualties in the city, not only Zuo Wentian and others would be hunted down by the court regardless of the cost, but even Fang Yun would be impeached by the officials. The time of peace "is not like the troubled times, if the two fight, involving civilians, will definitely cause public indignation." "Bang" As soon as Fang Yun and Gu shot the princess's robes, they both fled into space and fled to the distance. "Chasing" Zuo Wentian and others in layers of space, plus chase to the three of them in the heart also know, I'm afraid Fang Yun this is also afraid of affecting the people in the city, but "they don't care as long as they catch Fang Yun, the other is irrelevant. In an instant, thousands of miles away, there was no human habitation at this time, and the wild mountains were silent. Bang, bang The sky exploded twice, and Fang Yun and Princess Gu, together with Zuo Wentian and Zhou Yuqi, were divided into two groups, each choosing a mountain peak and facing each other in the distance. "Fang Yun, if you run away again," the three of us, immediately return to Moling City to kill all the people in the city, and then put all the blame on you. "Zuo Wentian looked gloomy and stared coldly at Fang Yun. Fang Yun dared to move a step again and immediately let Moling City bleed into a river. "Ha ha ha, Zuo Wentian, you fool, can you be a little more childish?"? Do you think I'm a pedantic old scholar? If you really have this kind of courage, although the people in the city of Mo Ling slaughter light, I have long intended to March north, destroy the orthodoxy of your evil sect is only terrible, has been the lack of a sufficient excuse hey hey, left ask day, how about we make a bet? As long as you return to Moling City now, I bet that within three days, hundreds of thousands of troops of the imperial court will set foot on Tianxie Mountain, and there will be fewer sects. Fang Yun looked cold and spoke loudly. Such a moment, of course, can not show weakness, otherwise, the consequences are really unimaginable. The three Taishang elders of the Heaven Evil Sect were all physically shocked by the Heaven Evil Sect's invasion of the Heaven Di Huang War and their collusion with the princes of the imperial court. These were all felonies, but they were not enough for the imperial court to go all out to exterminate the Heaven Evil Zong regardless of all forces. However, if Tian Xie Zong slaughtered a city,hot tub manufacturers, it would be different. At that time, even other sects had no good reason to stop the court's encirclement and suppression of Tian Xie Zong Although the sect was opposed to the imperial court, the slaughter of the common people was not approved by the right path