Warlord's husband is addicted to cheating

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Geng Shi said angrily with a sound on his face. Adjutant Lee, didn't you hear that? Send my mother and my wife back

When the woman came downstairs, she sat there quietly and watched her go downstairs. She was wearing a gray overcoat, a pair of short hair, slightly curled, she was wearing long leather boots, wearing light makeup, looking fresh and capable. This kind of dress is not out of date even in modern times, but more retro and fashionable. I heard you wanted to see me, madam. Yan Jiaojiao walked down and saw a noble woman sitting over there. Of course, she knew that Mu Chenyi had a beautiful little wife. At first sight, it really lives up to its reputation. The lady in front of her, her limited Chinese words, can not find a place to describe. Are the fish sinking and the wild geese falling? She felt that she was superficial again. Her skin was like jade, and Guerlain was like snow. When she came into the house, the woman who was brought into the house by her husband, she still had a smile. I didn't know there was a guest at home until early in the morning because of my inconvenience. Sihan is very calm, eyes cold to the bone, "this thought, since the governor brought back the guests, absolutely can not be neglected." "Your ladyship is too polite. It's all our own people in the future. I should go to see your ladyship." Yan Jiaojiao sat next to Sihan, her beautiful nails dyed with red cardamom, which was very bright. Sihan was so angry that she almost didn't mention it. She said, "In the future, whether Miss Yan pays her respects or serves her,10g Ozone Generator, that's another story.". But at the moment, Miss Yan is a guest, and as the mother of the house, I have to do what I should do. This is the Mu family's way of hospitality. As soon as her words fell, she turned her head and Mu Chenyi came in. "Ah Yi." When Yan Jiaojiao saw Mu Chenyi come in, she naturally got up and took Mu Chenyi's hand in the past. "You're back. I'm looking for you." "Miss Yan." Geng Shi also followed to come over, see Yan Jiaojiao's hand Yi in Mu Chenyi's hand, the face pulled down, "this field of family education is really strange,ceramic bobbin heater, not into the door, in public on the pull pull, really let a person see." "Mother, here." Yan Jiaojiao loosened Mu Chenyi and went to please Geng Shi. Who is your mother? Geng Shi heard this, great anger, "I have only one daughter-in-law, that is Han son.". Whether you can get into the door or not is another matter. Now the house is in front of Haner. Don't call it wrong. Sihan looked at Mu Chenyi without saying a word, and she suddenly felt that she was so ridiculous that she had an extravagant hope for this man. He even came here to see his new concubine, who was the biggest fool in the world. Suddenly there was a sweetness in her throat. She endured it and said, "Mother, the governor is the overlord of one side. It's natural to ask for a few concubines.". I wonder if the governor and Miss Yan have decided on the wedding date? If you are sure, you must tell me. I have a lot of experience in wedding, and this time your wedding must be more beautiful than that of the governor and Mrs. Rong Qi. Our Mu family still needs a happy event to rush to the Ministry. Do you think so? Mu Chenyi looked at her and said, "You go back first." "Pow!" Listening to this, Geng Shi could no longer hold back a slap in the face and waved it in the past. "You are a wolf-hearted thing. Why do you talk to Haner like this? How did I give birth to such a son as you?". Haner has paid so much for this family, but you dare to do this to her. You are a beast. With a faint smile on her face, Sihan said to her mother-in-law, cordierite c520 ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, "Mother, since the governor wants to be alone with Miss Yan, we'd better not disturb her. Let's go out first." "Haner, you can't just let it go." Geng Shi looked at Sihan on the heartache, tears fell out again, "Chen Yi, you listen to mom immediately sent this woman away.". Sihan's kindness to you can't be repaid in your life. You can't treat her like this, do you know? "What are you talking about, mother?" Without waiting for Mu Chenyi to speak, Sihan pulled Geng over, "Niang, that's what I should do.". Mother, the little wood is probably going to wake up. Let's go back! Geng's heart is so painful! She has also tasted the pain of her husband forgetting the old, but this is the case, Mu Hongxun has always respected her very much, with any concubine can not surpass the status. But look at the son now, who survived the disaster but came back with a woman. "In the past, it would have been an unforgivable crime to spoil a concubine and destroy his wife." Jie Feng, send Niang and madam back first. Mu Chenyi went back with a green face. Li Jiefeng could not understand why the governor was like this? Her ladyship's face was quiet and smiling, and he knew that her heart was bleeding now. Mother, let's go! Sihan has a headache, she has regretted that she would appear here, standing here she has the feeling of being humiliated, she can not stay a second. Geng Shi cried sadly instead: "Han son, Niang is sorry for you, our Mu family is sorry." "Mu Chenyi, listen, if you dare to marry this woman as a concubine, you will end my mother first, otherwise you can't let this woman in." Geng Shi said angrily with a sound on his face. Adjutant Lee, didn't you hear that? Send my mother and my wife back. Mu Chenyi listened to his mother's words, roared, and ordered. Sihan pulled Geng Shi out, to the beginning she was not willing to see Mu Chenyi one more time. Chapter 213 his explanation. "Mother, let's go back." Sihan said, holding Geng Shi to leave. As soon as they left, Mu Chenyi shook off her hand and looked at Yan Jiaojiao coldly: "Yan Jiaojiao, are you going too far?" When I was in the south, I heard that you had a very powerful wife. Your ladyship, playing around with a few battle-hardened men, naturally wants to see it! Yan Jiaojiao sat down on the sofa, "but the lady who looked at you just now didn't seem to care about you." Mu Chenyi lowered his face and said, "You woman are anxious to see the world in disorder." "All right, Mu Dujun, I know you are burning with anxiety and want to coax your wife." Yan Jiaojiao hand in hand, "hurry to go, or she really does not want you." Mu Chenyi glared at her: "Listen, if you dare to mess up again, go back to me." With that, he went out quickly. Sihan first accompanied Geng Shi back, she has been holding her hand to comfort: "Han son, you don't worry, Niang to you." "Mother, don't worry,7g Ozone Generator, I'm all right." Sihan smiled, "Niang, don't be angry. I'll go back to my room and look at the wood first." 。 global-ceramics.com