Qi Yun Deprivation System of Quick Penetration

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So boring I'm short of money! Leng Junling, who was cheating on the corpse, jumped up with a wheel.

Fang was not used to the busy crowd at this time. He stood straight behind Leng Junling like a flagpole. Leng Junling chatted with the drunkards in the tavern. It didn't take long for the drunkards in the crowd to dance in the middle of the tavern when they drank too much. Although their posture was not very graceful, they were happy! Leng Junling took a few sips of sweet honey wine, his palm-sized face turned pink, looked like a lovely apple, stretched out his hand and pulled his fangs to rush to the center of the pub, and the drunkards danced in a mess that no one could understand, laughing and shouting, at this time there was no hardship and suffering in the daytime, only one cup after another of barley wine. The dark night seemed to brighten up! The sequela of this night's carnival is that when Leng Junling got up from bed the next day, it was close to noon, and he had a splitting headache. Although the mead was sweet and had no degree, he couldn't stand it. Leng Junling kept pouring it down. Finally, even the owner of the pub was drunk. Leng Jun Ling also secretly tasted the barley wine. The taste of spicy residual impurities in the mouth is not so good, but the lively atmosphere in the pub can make people easily ignore the imperfections of the drinks and devote themselves to the carnival! Fangs in addition to the first sip of mead is to the glass at a distance, to this kind of pungent taste will also make people become delirious things have no interest, has been accompanied by Leng Junling nonsense, and finally the tavern drunkards lie on the ground, or Fangs holding the wine crazy Leng Junling back to the small hotel. Asked for a basin of hot water in the plump proprietress's flirtatious eyes to take care of Leng Junling until dawn! "Hum??" Leng Junling covered the head of the chicken coop that was about to explode and climbed up,stainless steel edging strip, wiping the saliva around his mouth, and his blue eyes were looking for the existence of fangs! It didn't take long for Fang to push open the wooden door and come in, putting down a bowl of milk and sliced bread and bacon beside Leng Junling and opening the small window! When the cold spring air blew through the window, Leng Junling's swollen and numb head felt much better. He picked up the milk and took a sip before he found that he was already hungry. He stuffed the food into his stomach like the wind and clouds, touched his round stomach and burped on the bed. Leng Junling, who was lazy with ice blue eyes, was like a cat at this time. Cute wish to let people go up to rub a few! Fang leans against the window and carefully wipes a steel claw with a soft cloth,aluminium edge trim, which can be worn on the hand and is no different from the appearance of an armored glove, but only needs a little force from the tip of Fang, and the end of the finger with a five-centimeter-long sharp blade will pop up in an instant. At this time, the sharp blade reflects the faint light in the sun, bringing up the same cold feeling as his master! It was exchanged by Leng Junling with the system when he left the fief of Constantine. He wanted to leave it to his fangs to defend himself. At this time, it was more appropriate to use it. Leng Junling rolled a few times in bed, and then he got up from bed painfully. Without the devil training of Sir Duowei in the fief of Constantine, he felt that his bones had become lazy these days! And the distance between Dante is too far, now Leng Junling want to rely on eggs to find Dante is impossible, and at this time in the city of Podok, as long as the gathering of a force things will be much easier to do, at this time Leng Junling has a disguise on the identity, then they will get a gift as a gift to see the queen, stainless steel tile edging ,stainless steel tile edge trim, it is a pity that at this time Lengjunling points only poor 134, Waste it on some gold and silver objects, Leng Junling will definitely be distressed to vomit blood! Since it can not be exchanged with points, Leng Junling put his eyes on the auction house! In this day and age, overseas silk and porcelain, all kinds of archaeological exploration relics, and the bones of some rare animals will be sold. Half a month later, a merchant ship belonging to the Nachka Auction House will return. As long as enough money is collected in half a month, it is not difficult to find a gift for the Queen! And now, Leng Junling is short of money! "Fang, what business do you say is the most profitable?" Hearing that the fangs slightly tilted their heads, they ignored Leng Junling and continued to fiddle with the steel claws in their hands! As soon as Leng Junling pulled the corners of his mouth, he knew that this kind of question was a white question, and that the one in front of him had no sense of money at all! Touching your chin, you really have to find some business without capital! It's a pity that there are plenty of businesses without capital, but Leng Junling can't do anything to kill and steal goods, and he will roll around on the bed when he is irritable! In this way, Leng Junling wasted a day playing dead on the bed of a small hotel, and his fangs wiped his claws all afternoon. At night, the steel claws simply brought their own light, and his fangs eyes narrowed! "Ah???"? So boring I'm short of money! Leng Junling, who was cheating on the corpse, jumped up with a wheel. Her big blue eyes were depressed and narrowed into a slit. Suddenly, she reached out and pulled the fangs of her grinding claws and rushed out of the room. When she came to the street, she looked around like a neuropathy. When she saw the little girl's nerves, her eyes were full of pity! Chapter 286: Underworld Sneak Kill (12) Second Watch! "No, Mr. Chen, the young master is in the greenhouse. He stayed there all night last night!" Taking care of Lin Lu is a capable woman in her forties, frowning slightly at this time, it is obvious that Lin Lu is very worried about sleeping in the greenhouse, but she can not go against the master's wishes! "You go down first, prepare breakfast for the young master, boil some ginger tea, and bring it directly to the greenhouse later!" Chen ordered, is to take Leng Junling through the gravel path, toward the back of the building! Hey, kids, this is no place for you! Cried the tavern keeper, in a hoarse voice like thunder! At this time, all the people in the tavern were looking at Leng Junling and Fang, who pushed the door in,china tile trim, and the two officials looked at each other in a strange atmosphere! Leng Junling tilted his head and slightly deflated his mouth, but he went straight in. He stuffed a few gold coins from his waist into the hands of the tavern owner and said, "I'll pay for all the drinks tonight!" jecatrims.com