Survival of terror

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Qiaoyuan stepped forward quickly and raised his hammer to sweep. At the moment when an arm reaches down,

Qiaoyuan stepped forward quickly and raised his hammer to sweep. At the moment when an arm reaches down, it hits the arm. The sound of broken bones rang out, and the monster screamed in pain. Qiaoyuan grabbed Yu Zizhe's hand and dragged him away quickly. Aah! Aah! Damn police! Seeing that the two men were running away, the angry monster tore off the broken arm directly. New flesh and blood grew out of the broken part like expanding foam, and a new arm was quickly formed. Regeneration!? Qiaoyuan exclaimed, frowning even more tightly. Don't try to run! The monster roared, throwing out his newborn arm and sweeping at the feet of the two men. Qiaoyuan quickly pulled down a sharp broken piece of wood beside him, turned around, and raised his hand accurately at the moment his arm approached. Nail me! The broken wood plunged down fiercely, only to hear the sound of piercing flesh and blood, and the sweeping arm was stopped. The broken wood pierced the monster's arm and plunged into the earth. Aah! Aah! It hurts! It hurts! The monster struggled, but his hand was crushed by Qiaoyuan. Yu Zizhe seized the moment, stepped on the monster's arm and jumped directly on its back,lycopene for skin, riding on its neck. Get down!!! The fat monster struggled, but could not make big movements because his hands were fixed. Yu Zizhe on his neck crisply used the props he had previously purchased with points, and a gun appeared in his hand. With a good bullet on the ground, Yu Zizhe aimed the empty muzzle at the monster's head and then pulled the trigger. Boom! The huge gunshot stopped the monster's movements for a moment. Yu Zizhe took the gun away and his pupils shrank. He didn't see any wounds on the monster's head. Ha ha ha ha! The monster laughed loudly and threw Yu Zizhe off his back. The police can't shoot and kill people casually! I'm just a villager. You can't kill me! With these words, he pinched his six hands together and threw them directly at Yu Zizhe on the ground. Yu Zizhe and Qiaoyuan stood up and fled in a hurry. What? You can't shoot people! We can shoot in the case of violent resistance to the law!!! Qiaoyuan simply feel incredible,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, if they can't kill this pile of things, then how to escape from here!? "This village is transformed from reality, and its problems have been multiplied.". I think some of the rules in reality may be more perverted here. Yu Zizhe said. Shit! This can still be played!? Qiaoyuan looked at Luo Jixue behind the tree in front of him and shouted, "Go away!"! We can't kill this thing! The police can't kill people here! Luo Jixue was startled and looked at the two men and the monster who rushed over but did not get out of the way. She rolled her eyes a few times and suddenly ran out from behind the tree. What are you doing? Qiao yuan exclaimed. Luo Jixue rushed to Yu Zizhe and grabbed the gun. She raised her gun to face the monster, tried to calm her trembling hands, and shouted, "The police can't!"! Then I'm not a cop, I'm a victim! With these words, she aimed at the monster's head and pulled the trigger hard. Luo Jixue! Qiaoyuan stopped anxiously and saw a bullet coming out of the gun. Luo Jixue was shocked by the recoil of the gun and sat back on the ground. The bullet broke through the monster's nose and flew out of the back of its head with a lot of splashing blood. The movement of the fat monster stopped in an instant, pumpkin seed extract ,ghana seed extract, and its huge body shook a few times and fell to the ground. Chapter 185 Qiaoyuan, Yu Zizhe and Yao Xiangming looked at the ground and the completely dead monster, and swallowed saliva collectively. Luo Jixue, this girl is getting fiercer and fiercer day by day. I don't know why she will grow up in the end. Luo Jixue did not notice the frightened eyes of the other three people. She gasped at them and said in shock, "Whoo, it's not easy to hit them.". Uh? What are you waiting for? Run! The other monsters are catching up! She said, picking up the gun and retreating. As he walked, he pointed his gun at some of the monsters who were catching up with him and shouted, "If you dare to come over, I will shoot you!!!" The monster that catches up with him is indeed a demonized version of the real villagers, still inheriting some of the characteristics of ordinary human beings. Hearing this, the movements of several monsters suddenly stagnated, as if they dared not approach. Other monsters were angry when they saw that their companions were so weak. A larger monster knocked several of his companions to the ground and even twisted the head of a female monster directly. Holding the bloody head in his hand, he growled, "If we don't catch them and leak the news, we will also be sentenced to death!"! Get them! Don't let them out of here! His words completely aroused the emotions of the other monsters, and they roared with them. For a moment, the quiet mountain forest is full of ugly roars that can pierce your eardrums, and with the blood moon in midair, the valley seems to have become purgatory. When the monsters finished roaring, they immediately ran on their hands and feet and rushed toward the four of Qiaoyuan. After just a few seconds of hesitation, the four little mice in front of them had fled into the village and disappeared around the corner of a house. The leading tall monster looked around and said angrily, "Search!"! Send ten more men to patrol around the village! They must not be given a chance to escape! Dozens of monsters were divided into two groups, some of which were outflanking the village, while the others were searching the village separately. By this time, the four of them had already hidden in a house. They panted into the attic of the second floor of the house and curled up in the cobwebs and dust. There is a very small window in the attic that can see outside, and no one has found it hidden in this place for the time being. This challenge is really weird. Luo Jixue wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, "It's all for the checkpoint we designed." When Yao Xiangming heard this, he was very unhappy and said, "This is just torturing Brother Qiao!"! This village almost broke down in reality! You know,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, after Brother Yu's accident, Brother Qiao. "Stop, don't talk nonsense." Qiaoyuan suddenly made a sound.