Luzhou Yuefanwai

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Luzhou YuefanwaiLuzhou YuefanwaiLuzhou YuefanwaiLuzhou YuefanwaiLuzhou Yuefanwai

"What do you want?" Lian Junqiu grabbed his shoulder and straightened his body. A pure white conch lay quietly between his knees. Lian Junqiu stared at the conch in a daze and suddenly understood that he had just been listening sideways to the sound coming from the conch. The huge waves hit, and the two men's clothes were all wet. Lian Junqiu grabbed the conch with a trembling hand and said angrily, "Junchu, are you thinking about Yue Ruzheng?" Lian Junchu's face was dripping with water and his lips were trembling. He looked at the conch in her hand with sad eyes and whispered, "Give it back to me." She's gone! Have you forgotten? She walked side by side with Shao Yang two months ago! With the magic beads you gave her! Lian Junqiu's voice and expression are stern, "she is a thief, a liar!" I gave it to her myself! Don't say any more lies! Lian Junchu was still sitting on the reef, and the sea was over his waist. After more than a month of silence, he shouted at Lian Junqiu for the first time in such a loud voice, which was full of stubbornness. Give it to her? Lian Junqiu picked Dai Mei, with sadness in his eyes, but his words were still direct to the bone, "can you be sober?!"! Does she need you to send her? From the moment she gets close to you, it's all about getting the beads! I told you she wouldn't stay with you! Why don't you believe it? Why do you lie to yourself until now?! The more she spoke, the angrier she became. She raised her hand and threw the conch out of her hand. The dark blue waves swallowed the tiny conch in a twinkling of an eye, leaving no trace. Look, there's nothing left. She had tears in her eyes and a smile on her lips. "Forget her, Junchu." Lian Junchu stared dully at the undulating waves and suddenly laughed, his wanton laughter drifting in the whirling wind. There's nothing left. He smiled and leaned on his knees. "I never got it, did I?"? I thought I had everything, but in the end, I couldn't even keep the illusion! Sister, I have no way, I have pulled out my heart! What else can I do?! Lian Junqiu bent over and hugged his shoulders tightly. His clothes were all wet, especially his broken arms. I don't know what's wrong with me,large artificial blossom trees, sister. I remember her kindness to me. She said she would always be with me! Lian Junchu struggled to straighten up, looking at his broken arm, his voice trembling, "Why can't I keep her forever?!"! Are all the things she said false?! But I really like her, sister! "What's the use of that?" Lian Junqiu stroked his cold cheek and looked straight at him. "Is it worth punishing yourself for a woman who has failed you?" Another huge wave hit the face, Lian Junchu was almost unable to sit still by the impact of this force, she held him firmly. Come back with me! Her hair fell out of her bun and she was very haggard. He shook his head stubbornly. Do you want to die? Lian Junqiu encircled his neck, looked into his eyes faintly, and raised a sad smile on his lips. "For her, have you become like this?"? Since you don't want to go, I'll stay with you. With that, Lian Junqiu stood in the half-deep sea, outdoor ficus tree ,faux grass wall, holding his face in one hand, holding his waist in the other, closing his eyes, and kissing his lips. Eldest sister! You As soon as Lian Junchu opened his mouth in a panic, she blocked what he wanted to say. He struggled to break away, but she clung to him, and no matter how hard he tried, he could not get away. Lian Junqiu kissed him almost obsessively, and at the same time whispered in his ear: "Junchu, Junchu.." Do you know How sad I was when you and she sat on the beach and looked at the moon every night. Lian Junchu turned his face sideways desperately and gasped, "Sister, you're crazy!"! I'm your brother! "I don't want to be just your sister." She held his neck close to his cheek and whispered, "I know my father won't allow you to marry me.." But Junchu, as long as you don't say, I'm willing to accompany you all my life, I won't marry someone else, understand? "You will always be my eldest sister!" Lian Junchu shook his head forcefully and raised his knees against her. At that moment, there was a sudden exclamation from behind Gaoyan. "What are you doing?" Lian Junqiu was shocked to let go by this angry rebuke, and Lian Junchu struggled back and fell into the sea. Before she could rush over to help Lian Junchu, someone was already striding over Gaoyan. Father She stood frozen in the waves, her body trembling. Lian Haichao's face was full of anger, and he walked quickly like flying. As soon as he came to Lian Junqiu, he split his hand with a palm. Shameless! Lian Haichao, who had always been terribly cold, unexpectedly lost his temper. The power of this palm was so great that it knocked Lian Junqiu to the ground. She threw herself into the sea and covered her bleeding lips. Eldest sister Lian Junchu struggled to kneel to her side, just want to bend down to see her, Lian Haichao lifted his leg between the two. Junchu, you go back first. Lian Haichao suppressed his anger and said coldly to Lian Junchu. Lian Junchu looked up at him in a daze, his face particularly cold in the darkness. Don't blame the elder sister. Lian Junchu straightened up and knelt down in front of Lian Junqiu. Lian Haichao glared at him. At this time, Lian Junqiu propped himself up and fell behind his shoulder. He also said to him, "You go back first." But he didn't even move. He looked straight at the tide and raised his voice: "Don't blame the elder sister!" Lian Haichao took a step closer and stared at him, saying, "Junchu, are you finally willing to speak now?"? You're almost dead for one woman, and now you're going to stand up to me for another? "She's just my sister!" Lian Junchu, with a pale face, shouted. Because of this, what she has just done is not ethical! Lian Haichao took another step closer and grabbed him by the shoulder. When the waves hit him, he was firmly in shape, and he secretly tried to push Lian Junchu away. Lian Junchu's shoulder was pressed heavily by him, and his bones were sore,decorative palm trees, but he clenched his teeth and straightened his upper body even more. Don't do this! Lian Junqiu hugged Lian Junchu's waist and said sadly, "You go back!"! Don't go against your father! Lian Junchu raised his face and squinted at Lian Haichao, his eyes full of disdain.