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But Xing was rolling around because he felt uncomfortable and couldn't feed him at all. Guo Xiaobei hurriedly

But Xing was rolling around because he felt uncomfortable and couldn't feed him at all. Guo Xiaobei hurriedly pulled back the hand holding the medicine, which was so expensive that if he accidentally knocked it over, he would cry to death, and even if he cried to death, there would be no place to collect enough brain nuclei to buy a bottle. Enduring the sharp pain of the electric shock, Guo Xiaobei stretched out his hand to hold Xing Kui down, and with the other hand, he desperately stuffed the liquid medicine into Xing Kui's mouth. But the arm pressed, Xing's head is still moving around, no way Guo Xiaobei had to throw his whole body on Xing, riding each other's waist, one hand pinched open Xing's mouth, one hand poured all the liquid medicine into it. Guo Xiaobei relaxed as he watched a drop of the potion fall into Xing's mouth. The whole body has long been numb by electricity, but when I think of it, I am paralyzed. After eating the potion, the electric shock on Xing's body disappeared, and his body quickly returned to its original temperature. What a panacea, the best! Guo Xiaobei thought about the price and had to admit that the price was also the best! Xing's body temperature returned to normal, his mind gradually recovered, and the zombies around him quickly receded. Han Yang surprised to look at the retreating zombies, extremely puzzled into the house. After Xing Yi took the medicine, his whole body returned to normal,ghana seed extract, but also with a kind of indescribable comfort. In a daze, I only remember that my whole body was burning and roasting. Of course, it's much better now, and I feel that my whole body is full of strength. But he always felt a little heavy on his body, like a ghost pressing the bed, and when he opened his eyes, Guo Xiaobei's baby face was crawling on his chest, and it was a kind of straddling posture. "Xiao Bei..?" Xing Kui opened his mouth wide. What is this situation? Was Guo Xiaobei bitten by a zombie? How did you make such a gesture? Zombies. What are you doing Han Yang sweated into the room,rosmarinic acid supplement, tired and relieved to open his mouth, ready to tell Guo Xiaobei zombies have receded the good news. Who knew that as soon as he entered the door, he saw a situation that made him furious. How dare this boy climb the wall for me! Guo Xiaobei was all soft by the electricity, and has always been amazing strength of Xing Yi fighting for half a day, very not easy to wait for the current to disappear, he has been tired do not want to move. Hearing Xing's voice, he opened his eyes in a daze, but his mind had not yet recovered, only to see Xing's mouth open and close, not knowing what to say, he could not help climbing up, trying to hear clearly. When Han Yang came in, his head was almost overlapping with Xing. Looking from the direction of Han Yang, it is no different from Guo Xiaobei riding on Xing Kui, kissing each other. What an obsequious look. Han Yang felt that his liver was beginning to hurt, akba boswellic acid ,tannic acid astringent, and he grabbed Guo Xiaobei, who was riding on Xing Yi. You, you, you climbed the wall for me! "Ah.." In a daze, Guo Xiaobei opened his mouth wide and looked at Han Yang with an angry face. You! Listen to me! Han Yang's loud voice made Guo Xiaobei excited and stood at attention obediently. Xing Wei, who had been frightened by Guo Xiaobei's behavior, was frightened by Han Yang's ferocious face and loud voice before he could be happy that Guo Xiaobei had been caught. He got up from the bed and stood in the shade of the corner. ……” Guo Xiaobei, who seemed to understand what had happened, cast a spurning glance at Xing, who had no loyalty, and considered whether to drag the other party into the water. How dare you flirt with me! Xing Yi: "..." Han Yang is going crazy. Holding Guo Xiaobei's neck collar pulled to his eyes, but a little disparity in height makes Han Yang's posture a little difficult to do, after all, one hand to grasp the table cabinet is simple, but it is not easy to grab a living person, because he will struggle. Guo Xiaobei was frightened enough to see Han Yang's appearance. Although Han Yang has always been not very polite to him, but also often take care of him, but he has never shouted at him. Han, Lord Han. Guo Xiaobei pulled the collar to prevent the other party from strangling him alive when he was too excited. Uh Han Yang looked at Guo Xiaobei, as if if the other party did not give him a good explanation today, he would strangle the other party on the spot. That one I can Explain, explain.. Guo Xiaobei spoke with trepidation. ……” "Actually.." I am Kill zombies, accidentally killed Xing eldest brother. Guo Xiaobei tried to look innocent. Although he was very innocent, spent so many brain nuclei, and was misunderstood. “…… Nonsense! How dare you lie to me! Han Yang's anger rose. He clearly saw Guo Xiaobei riding on Xing Kui. This, this, this is.. In addition to anger, there is a smell of fermentation in the heart of Han Yang spread. Looking at the baby-faced boy in front of him, he opened his eyes wide and blinked at him. Instead of getting angry, he was sad. He had said that he would take good care of him in the future, but he was with another man. Han Yang's eyes were red, and the expression on his face was gradually strange, with a trace of pain, as if he was going to cut off something. !” Guo Xiaobei's intuition is not good, is Han Yang going to mutate. Han, Lord Han. "Xiao Bei.." I'd better strangle you. “…… Don't! Guo Xiaobei praised himself in his heart, and sure enough, he guessed right. But this is not something to be happy about. "What's wrong with me? I can't change it." "Han Yang." Xing Yi also knew that Han Yang probably misunderstood something, although he did not know how Guo Xiaobei would lie on him, but he knew that Guo Xiaobei must be taking care of him during his coma. It's none of your business! Han Yang also did not return to the low drink. Xing Kui touched his nose. Well, between husband and wife, let's solve it by ourselves. After roaring, Han Yang's attention was all on Guo Xiaobei. The hand holding each other's collar was changed to hold Guo Xiaobei's neck, which was not too thick, and gradually clenched. Xing Yi was startled, are they playing for real? Want to come forward to stop, but also afraid of intensifying the situation, had to watch nervously in the side,turmeric extract powder, ready to save each other before Han Yangzhen strangled Guo Xiaobei. …… You're not really going to strangle me. Guo Xiaobei's eyes are red. If his identity is not exposed, can he not escape the fate of dying in the hands of the power. What did Han Yang misunderstand and have to strangle him. Whoo. Can't I be wrong. I will be obedient in the future, and I will listen to you in the future. Whoo. Spare my life. 。 prius-biotech.com