I like you very much.

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I like you very much.I like you very much.I like you very much.I like you very much.

And now Yan Xikang found out that he was wrong. Ren Jiahua left his connections and single-handedly brought him into the school. In a few years, his vice principal finally came to an end. It is estimated that he can change a school and count on a principal. If Ren Jiahua is found out, he will be involved. Yan Xikang used a moment of time to tangle, showing an almost tolerant smile, he walked into the fish, reached out to pretend to touch his head kindly. Rong Yu stepped back very quickly and raised his lips. "Sorry, I don't like people touching me." Yan Xikang's face was a little ugly, but he still stopped moving. He opened his mouth and coaxed: "Rong Yu, as long as you tell the truth, we can not pursue it, but if you are found out by the school, the consequences will be more serious." Unexpectedly, Rong Yu did not give him this face at all. Instead, he nodded and said with a straight face, "I also think that the vice principal, you go to check it quickly. After checking it,Inflatable indoor park, give me a clean slate!" He said "vice principal" one by one, especially highlighting the word "vice principal", which said that Yan Xikang was about to be unable to hang on. Zhang Feng, who was sitting in the office chair, put in a timely word and said to Ren Jiahua: "So, Mr. Ren, you came early in the morning and said that Rong Yu had changed your life. You have been unhappy since yesterday. Can you tell me what happened?" Ren Jiahua just sat back on the sofa with a dejected look on his face. Hearing this,Inflatable dry slide, he was dull for a moment. Then he counted them one by one: "a thief entered my house in the middle of the night on Saturday and stole all the valuables." "Early Sunday morning, my car got a puncture." "Then I'm going out and a bag of garbage is thrown down from upstairs." Rong Yu interrupted Ren Jiahua's words. He looked around with his round eyes open and whispered, "Teacher Ren, aren't these small things as big as sesame.." After that, there was no sound in the office, and apparently the other three people felt the same way. Lao Luo took the opportunity to interject and said in his characteristic loud voice, "I'm not talking about you, Teacher Ren. Aren't these all trivial things in life? Can they also have something to do with superstition?"? Are you too particular? The depression in the center of Yan Xikang's eyebrows became deeper and deeper as he frowned. He had just been dragged to the office by Ren Jiahua, and now he had heard that it was these things. Zhang Feng is obviously also some speechless, he was silent for a moment, has not had time to speak, inflatable floating water park ,Inflatable bouncer, Ren Jiahua pocket of the phone to think. It is estimated that this morning was frightened by the matter, Ren Jiahua answered the phone with trembling hands, accidentally pressed the speakerphone. A sharp voice soon came from the other end of the phone: "Mr. Ren Jiahua?"? I'm from the Fire Detachment. Your house is on fire. We are putting out the fire on the spot. Please come back immediately. Rong Yu: "… …" The other three: "…" Lao Luo scratched his head and came out and said, "I would say these are all non-human factors. Teacher Ren, don't be too nervous. Why don't you go home and deal with the fire first?"? I also know some good psychiatrists that I can introduce to you another day. "You-!" Ren Jiahua stood up and was about to rush toward Lao Luo, but was pulled by Vice Principal Yan who had walked a few steps past. Yan vice principal's face is already very ugly, he pulled Ren Jiahua and then threw people away: "You go to deal with things at home first, don't mention this matter again." Ren Jiahua wanted to say something else, but his cell phone rang again. He hesitated for a moment, turned around and rushed out of the principal's office. Yan vice principal also followed, Lao Luo hurriedly came over, ready to pull the fish together. Luo Jin, you go first. Principal Zhang smiled gently and waved to Rong Yu, "I'm chatting with this child." The author has something to say: Rong Xiaoyu: Tut.. It can be said to be very miserable. Oike: I don't know why, but I still want to call my wife crazily! Chapter 38 Rong Yu doesn't want to chat with President Zhang at all. He knew from the first day he arrived at No.1 Middle School affiliated to the city that he had dragged the bottom of this person, but it was not until today that the two people really met for the first time. Zhang Feng looked at the fish with a smile. There were obvious fine lines in the corner of his eyes. He compared a height with his hand and hit him in the face: "Last time I saw you, you were just a little bit older." Rong Yu: "… …" Rong Yu curled his lips, pointed to the seat where the vice principal had just sat, and said a little unhappily, "Can I sit down?" President Zhang held out his palm generously: "Please sit down." Rong Yu sat down impolitely. President Zhang didn't seem to be surprised by Rong Yu's action at all. He poured himself a cup of tea from the tea set on the table, then took another cup and shook it in front of Rong Yu: "Drink?" Rong Yu shook his head, looked a little numb, looked at the tea set on the table for a while, and then moved away. I don't think you like it either. I guess there are few people here who can make tea like your master. Zhang Feng finished the cup of tea and stretched out his hand. "Come on, introduce yourself. My name is Zhang Feng, the peak of the mountain." Rong Yu did not reach out to hold his hand, but slightly lowered his eyes to look at him, showing a very faint smile: "I have been reading here for more than a month, naturally know you." "Yes, too." Principal Zhang thought about it, took his hand back and asked Rong Yudao, "How about it? Are you used to it?"? Can you keep up with the course? Rong Yu and he looked at each other for a long time, but the smile at the corners of his mouth became deeper and deeper. After a moment, he said, "Principal Zhang, you might as well say it directly if you have something to do. After that, I'll go to dinner." The position of the principal of No.1 Middle School affiliated to the city is not too high, but there is still a lot of room in the future,Inflatable indoor park, especially in recent years, Zhang Feng has rarely seen such a pure and unpretentious way of speaking. Zhang Feng shook his head. "At first your master sent me a letter, but I didn't believe it. Now it seems that you are really his only disciple." Rong Yu looked at him with a somewhat alert look in his eyes. joyshineinflatables.com