Emperor Yongzhengs Second Diao Gong Tian Lang

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When the fourteen sons were in a daze, Wang Jingqi added two strokes to the character "ten" and wrote

When the fourteen sons were in a daze, Wang Jingqi added two strokes to the character "ten" and wrote: "This is where the true meaning lies!" Wang Jingqi said, "Longkeduo's'merit 'and Longkeduo's'sin' all lie in this!" He giggled and tore up the note. "What kind of emperor is he?"? Deceiving heaven, deceiving earth, deceiving ancestors, and completely usurping the throne! The Fourteenth Master is the real Lord of the Qing Dynasty! How can God help such a man? How could the princes embrace him? You are also familiar with historical records, the previous generation with the word "Zheng", Jin Hailing King's "Zhenglong", Jin Aizong's "Zhengda", yuan Shun Emperor's "Zhizheng", Ming Wuzong's "Zhengde", which one is a good thing? As far as the word "Zheng" is concerned, it is the image of "Wang Xinluan", and it can also be split into the image of "Yizhi". You are doing this to save the Qing Dynasty. This is the brightest and most magnificent cause in the world. Why worry about the name after death? These words were perfectly justified, together with the lies of the imperial edict that Wang Jingqi had a brainwave to make up. From Wang Jingqi's tongue like a reed, it really had the effect of piercing the seven letters. Nian Gengyao's face turned from red to white, and then turned livid. Suddenly, his legs were weak. He sat down, covered his face with his hands, and muttered to himself: "I don't believe these words.." It's too big. Let me think, think. It was already dusk when Liu Molin returned to the city of Xining from the camp of Yue Zhongqi. He was the "Counselor of the Western Expedition". In order to coordinate the relations among the armies stationed in Qinghai, he arranged for the distribution of salaries, silver and grain to the armies in various places. Because he was an imperial commissioner who was ordered to handle military affairs,Self-closing Faucet, he was not subject to the control of Nian Gengyao and Yue Zhongqi, so he set up his own Counselor's Office in Xining. As soon as he arrived at the gate of the Yamen, before he dismounted, the man at the gate said, "General Nian sent a message at noon, asking Lord Liu to go to the banquet." Liu Molin had spent most of the day in Yue Zhongqi discussing the military supplies for the army to live through the winter, and had walked a long way. He was already exhausted. Suddenly think of yesterday received Zhu's criticism "Nian Gengyao camp three days a newspaper, no details no big" words,Time Delay Tap, then dismount for sedan chair straight to the general Xingyuan, also don't wait for notice, straight from the green robe cloth boots into the ZhongJun big account. The fruit saw seven or eight tables full of people, all of whom were Nian Gengyao's generals, all of whom were flushed with drink. Nian Gengyao sat at the first table, accompanied by his three major generals, Rufu, Wang Yunji, and Wei Zhiyue, as well as his lieutenant Ma Xun and Song Sijin, the commander of Liangzhou. He was in high spirits. When he came in, Nian Gengyao smiled and waved: "Come on!"! Counselor, we are talking about the drinking game here! If you're late, you'll be fined for drinking! "The general is in high spirits!" Liu Molin grinned and took his seat. "Just now I saw an actor under the porch. Are you satisfied with your mouth, eyes and ears?"? Talking about the drinking game, I'm tired and tired today. I ate wine first at General Dongguan. I'm afraid I can't come perfunctorily. "I don't know you yet, Flush valve price ,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet," said Nian Gengyao with a smile! Sit down. Well, the emperor rewarded me with a set of large enamel vases and a few carts of watermelons from Tian Wenjing. Who would be happy if I were happy alone or with others? So please come and sit down-you eat the wine first. He said, pouring three cups in a row. Holding it personally, Liu Molin had to drink it. But Wei Zhiyue said with a smile, "General Nian deliberately made things difficult for me, Wei Cannon. What kind of drinking game do I know?"? "How can you ask the actors to put on a show? You should say that the wine game is yours, not that two are good and one is good?" "Yes," said Nian Gengyao with a smile. "More than half of them are cannon fodder, but I forgot. Just start the show-we're still talking about the drinking game! I went on. "I have a house to give to Liu Bang of the Han Dynasty, but Liu Bang of the Han Dynasty doesn't want it," he said. Why not? The beauty of spring is so annoying that one can't sleep. As soon as Liu Molin heard this, he knew that the order first said an object, then used an ancient name, and then used an ancient poem. Just as he was thinking about it, Wang Yunji said with a smile, I have a fan for Cao Zijian. Cao Zijian doesn't want it. Why don't you cut it? It's cool in the breeze. When Song Sijin saw that it was his turn, he quickly said, I have a bow for Lao Fengmeng. Lao Fengmeng doesn't want it. Why not? A line of egrets go up to the sky. Liu Molin listened with a smile, but his heart missed a beat: "How can a bird hide its bow?"? "I have a rooster for Guo Ziyi," said Du Tong Rufu, who was close to Nian Gengyao. "Guo Ziyi doesn't want it. Why not? As soon as the rooster sings, the world is white. Then there was a hubbub and everyone said, "It doesn't make sense." Wei Zhiyue was going to punish him for drinking. Nian Gengyao took one look at Liu Molin and said with a smile, "What did Old Wei save! It's just right. It's dawn. What do you want the rooster for? Liu Molin suddenly became aware of this and wanted to change the order. "I have a January round," he said. "I'll send it to Liu Bolun. Liu Bolun doesn't want it.". Why not? Mistaken for the white jade plate. Nian Gengyao shook his head with a smile and said, "It's taken for granted. What's the reason for mistaking the white jade plate?"? If you eat too much in Dongmei, a great talent like you will stumble. At that time, the sound of gongs, drums and music under the porch had already started, and the performance was "borrowing arrows from straw boats." All the generals in the hall stopped fighting, and all laughed to see the chief several people making a lot of noise to punish Liu Molin for drinking wine. Don't mess up and listen to me. Liu Molin covered several cups of wine with his hands and said with a smile, "Li Qinglian's poem says, 'When I was young, I didn't know the moon, so I mistook the white jade plate.' The general didn't read it."? When I was in Beijing, Wang Wenshao and I used this as an order. I said, 'When I was young, I didn't know the wind, but I hummed in the same day. When I was young, I didn't know the rain, but I had diarrhea in the same day. When I wasn't old, I knew the thunder, but I farted in the same days.' Make them laugh! General, it's you who should be punished. "Nian Gengyao laughed and raised his glass boldly." Laugh freely tonight, "he said." The general will accept the punishment! " With that, he ordered the play to begin. Nian Gengyao took one look at Lu Su, who was reading aloud. Then he turned around and asked Liu Molin, "You came from Zhong Qi. How are you preparing for the winter there?" Liu Molin looked at the play carelessly and said, "It's almost the same as the general's side, but there are still some bricks missing from the heated Kang.". I said it's not a big deal. You have less than ten thousand people in Qinghai. How much can you use? A little from the general here is enough. I was most afraid that the grain supply would not be available. All the grain in Gansu and Shaanxi had been used for disaster relief. I had to allocate two hundred thousand stones from Li Wei. Li Wei replied to me that only ten thousand stones could be transported. I thought,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, what if the road was blocked by heavy snow and could not be transported? He consulted with General Yue and asked Sichuan to transport more rice from the north of Sichuan, so that they could adjust each other. "Didn't Dongmei say anything?" Asked Nian Gengyao. "It's all the emperor's errand. What's there to say?" Liu Molin said, "he said yes at once." 。 cnkexin.com