I have four superstar exes.

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"Miss Yi Lei." "I hope you can understand that we really want you to help the team win and get a result that can

"Miss Yi Lei." "I hope you can understand that we really want you to help the team win and get a result that can satisfy the fans," Mr. Baden said without a smile on his face after calling Yi Lei's name again. We didn't hire you to be famous, and we certainly didn't hire you to make the team famous in this way. If you can't improve the team's condition until the winter break, you can't make an upward change in our league position. We'll fire you. Chapter 145 prepare for the worst. We'll fire you. Even if you have a premonition of such simple and clear words, you will still feel a little stunned when you hear them. At that moment, all the anxious and annoying things and thoughts that had haunted her for a long time in Yilei's head were gone. Because at that moment her mind went blank. But her good sense still allowed her to give the club president a light, shallow smile that would not make her look too weak, raise her eyebrows and say, "I see." After that,stainless steel needle valve, Yi Lei left the conference room. After the door of the conference room was closed lightly by Yilei, the president of the club turned to Manzano, the manager of the club who heard and saw the whole process, and asked: Did you see the look in her eyes when she said her last words to me? It looks like we bullied her. "She had her back to me." Manzano loosened his tie and looked really embarrassed to answer the question from the president of the club. Then he began the conversation between the manager and the president of the club after Yi Lei left. Manzano: So are you really going to fire her during the winter break? Bardem: Yes,ball valve manufacturer, so you can start looking for the right person for the team now. Remember, this time, don't just look for someone famous. I want someone who is pragmatic and has real talent and learning. Manzano: "But last season, you praised her the same way. You said, 'Miss Yilei is really a big surprise. We have to call her Miss Miracle'." Baden: That's what I said. What she achieved last season is indeed impeccable, but we can't ignore her terrible record this season just because a coach did well last season. Because the award of the League Championship trophy will not depend on the team's performance last season. Manzano: "I understand, but in the winter it is difficult for us to find the right manager.". Few teams change coaches in the winter. So it's hard for us to find a suitable coach who is just waiting for a job during the winter break. Baden: But you have to understand that if we continue to pin all our hopes on Miss Yilei, tube fitting manufacturer ,12 needle valve, it is very likely that we will have to go back to West B next May. So you have to start looking now. You can still have more than a month. With that, Mr. Baden, the president of the club, patted Manzano on the shoulder and got a laughing response from the other side. I saw something about you on TV. I think the situation in your place may be worse than what I can see. While driving back to her home in San Sebastian, Yi Lei unexpectedly received a phone call from Borukolin in Manchester. When she heard that, she had just opened the door of her apartment. It all happened so suddenly. When she heard the familiar voice on the other end of the phone say to her, "Are you all right?" Yi Lei didn't even come to her senses at that time. It was not until the sound of the door being closed called her back that she recalled what had just happened in the club's headquarters building and tasted it, and then said: "It's not that bad, but it's not that optimistic." Borukolin: "Does the dressing room make you uncomfortable?" Yi Lei: "Well, a little." In Yi Lei's side, in fact, very few people can listen to her talk about the recent losing streak so that her heart is under pressure. Carolina is a great friend and knows something about football, but she is an "outsider" far away from the football circle. Carolina can't really understand the hardships and hardships under the bright appearance of football. It is also difficult for her to understand the problems that the team manager may encounter in such a losing streak in La Liga. But it is impossible for Yi Lei to say such a thing to Du Lika. As an assistant coach who came to Spain with her from the Czech Republic because he trusted her, Dulika needed her confidence and encouragement at such a time. And the players she brought.. The more she was in such a moment, the more she could not let the boys see her weakness and feel her confusion. Maybe she can talk to her agent Schultz about this, but it's also limited. If she went to talk to her mother and little cousin about this, she would always be busy comforting them before she said a few words. Therefore, in the face of the few words that Borukolin, who had almost resumed ordinary friendship but would not take the initiative to contact, asked her, she seemed to have no idea to stop the conversation that happened naturally. Yi Lei: Experiencing such … After ten consecutive defeats, the atmosphere in the dressing room will always become depressed. Borukorin: "You see anger in their eyes?" Yi Lei did her best to speak in a more flat tone, as if she were just stating an objective fact about the great crisis that was happening to her. But Borukolin's question, which seemed to have seen everything from where she was,38 tube fitting, in an affirmative tone, would still strike her heart. At that moment, everything she saw and felt in the players'dressing room these days came back to her. chinaroke.com