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Richard is in desperate need of a strong ally The identity of the Royal Constructor is not omnipotent

Richard is in desperate need of a strong ally The identity of the Royal Constructor is not omnipotent The protection of the Dragon Palace is only one year and now this state is only valid in the floating world Richard is afraid to leave the floating world at present Although the agreement with Alijie is more like a deal it is not entirely a deal He also remembers that Gordon once Cosmetics Materials advised his partner that this condition seems to be for Richard's tailor-made although the squeeze is really a little hard "A quarter of the down payment the count received the down payment after the establishment of the agreement" Fasiqi threw out a sentence that surprised Richard and then added "Hurry up maybe someone else is already preparing to construct a knight" When Richard did not know how to answer again the three knights had finished their work and returned to the study "The bodies are together and the heads are placed separately Do you want to hang all the heads" Assiris the dark sorcerer asked darkly Richard shook his head and said "It's not necessary to take the bodies out of the floating island and let their families take them back In addition inform all the branch families who have looted the sacrifices to return the sacrifices within a time limit otherwise they will be punished as rebellion" "Do you want to take back the sacrifice" Said Vashki This is not feasible as far as I know after they sent the offerings out of the floating island they were forcibly bought by several major forces and almost no one was spared Richard smiled and said "I know that Count Alijie is also the one who buys the sacrifice right" "Yes the count bought the sacrifice can be returned to you but there are still more than half of the loss outside the count can get less than a tenth of the whole" Vasiki admitted frankly "There is no need The offerings will be given to the count as a partial down payment" Richard did not expect to take back the offerings in this way and he knew that most of them had been resold The purpose of doing so was only to label the mob as a rebellion so that the rich and powerful families with ulterior motives could no longer support them openly at least unless they were prepared to explain to the Council and the Emperor that they were interfering in the internal affairs of other families Rebellion is the most intolerable behavior of every noble and powerful family Support for the rebellion of other families can only be carried out in the dark and carefully Seeing that Richard had finished dealing with the affairs related to the rebellion Asiris stepped forward and said "If there is nothing else here I need to go back Serdon can't support himself for long" "I should go back too" Semir always looks like he can't wake up After the two knights left Lina said "I" I can't go back yet Dragon Mage Lina couldn't help laughing when she saw Richard's expression Then she said "I'm guarding the Green Forest Plane the plane that Lord Gordon just snatched from Schumpeter but there has just been a large-scale rebellion I have some difficulties in dealing with it alone so I need help" The Dragon Mage did not say what kind of help but looked at Richard with a smile as if he was very interested in how he would react next China Chemicals Suppliers Richard thought for a moment and took her to Gordon's war room so that she could demonstrate the current terrain and situation of the Green Forest Plane Lina was ready to insert a memory spar into the slot of the magic map and then activate the spar so the content of the magic sand table was changed from Norland to the green forest plane The magic sand table showed only a very limited area of terrain consisting of mountains and forests A river flowed from the mountains through the forest to the distance There was a city mark on the edge of the forest and Lina's barracks were located in the forest The city is ablaze with the crest of the Schumpeter family The Schumpeterian family has been pioneering in the Green Forest Plane for a long time but it has not made much progress So far it has only established a city-state stronghold In the battle with the natives in the plane the Schumpeterian family has suffered serious losses and its expansion speed has been severely limited After entering the Green Forest Plane Gordon defeated the defenders of the Schumpeter Plane and occupied the only city leaving Lina to garrison However after Gordon fell into the Luoqi Plane when Lina led an army to sweep the natives of the plane the Schumpeter family warriors who had surrendered in the city suddenly rebelled and occupied the city At present they can't defend it with the help of three magic towers in the city Lina's two attacks were repelled and she was injured Richard gazed at the magic sand table and pondered He knew very well that this was a disguised test given to him by the dragon mage Lina If he could not solve this problem it would be extremely difficult to make Lina obey his orders in the future Dragon Mage Lina's army still has more than two thousand people both in quantity and quality which are superior to the rebels Detergent Chemicals There is only one strong man in the Holy Land among the rebels and if they face each other head-on they are no match for the Dragon Mage So the difficulty lies in the three magic towers in the city Under the suppression of the magic towers Lina's power can only be half exerted Another difficulty is that without the protection of the city the troops stationed in the forest often suffer Harassment to the forces of the home plane makes it difficult for wounded warriors to get adequate supplies and rest and the longer it drags on the worse it gets The Greenwood Plane as its name suggests is full of mountains and forests with only a small number of plains and grasslands The natives of the plane are humanoid intelligent creatures similar to the Norland Elves They come and go like the wind in the forest They are good at bows and arrows and assassinations It's a headache Even Lina herself was hit by an arrow because she was not aware of it for a while After finding out the basic situation Richard asked Lina in detail about the two sieges After a while Richard had roughly counted the two sieges in his mind The strong people in the Holy Land of the other side tried to entangle Lina Then the rebels killed a large number of Lina's warriors under the cover of the Magic Tower Finally the Dragon Mage could not bear the casualties and had to retreat "How's it going" Asked Lina Do you have an idea My soldiers can't stay out of the city too long There will be casualties every day It will be a great blow to morale "What is the time velocity of the plane" Richard looked up and asked "Three to one the Schumpeterian family has lost a lot of money in this plane" Lina said Richard calculated silently and then said "I need some time to prepare The day after tomorrow I will go to the Green Forest Plane with you The day will be enough time to suppress the rebellion" "God!" Lina was taken aback "Norland time" "Non-plane time" ~WwwxiaoshUotxtcOm Chapter 48 Destiny Gemini