Wulin Tide

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This is quite reasonable, Luo Yifei after the change of mind, what things can not be done, write something insincere, it is very possible.

This is quite reasonable, Luo Yifei after the change of mind, what things can not be done, write something insincere, it is very possible. Jin Feng Sou Ke Zhengxiong gritted his teeth and said, "There is obviously one and a half articles missing from Tian Mo Bao Lu, and there is no internal skill among them. Even if we Master Luo have the intention to practice Tian Mo Bao Lu, it is impossible for us to learn it." "It's a pity," said Mr. Liu Qufei, "that Master Ke didn't bring up the Tianmo Baolu to testify, but you can't blame us for being biased." Jin Feng Sou Ke Zhengxiong was at a loss for words and could not answer. He was so anxious that he blamed himself. Because according to the rumors of the three castles and four factions, Tianmo Baolu appeared in Huangshan three years ago, and now it has fallen into the hands of no one. Luo Renlong lost and recovered "Tianmo Baolu", because Luo Renlong never had time to talk to Ke Zhengxiong, so Ke Zhengxiong did not know that "Tianmo Baolu" was still in Luo Renlong's hands. When Luo Renlong saw that the three castles and four factions spoke plausibly, he was so angry that he stood up. He took out the Tianmo Baolu and gently pushed it toward the notary seat. He said, "The Tianmo Baolu is here. Please have a look at it and see if one and a half articles are missing." I saw that the "Tianmo Bao Lu" slowly flew out of six or seven Zhangs, flew to the vicinity of the notary seat, the strength seems to be a loss, squarely placed in front of the dry Zen master. The strength and position are all just right. Luo Renlong revealed this skill,Iron Nail Making Machine, although not superb, but quite powerful, with his age, can be said to be unique, see people, all secretly shocked. "Who on earth are you?" Liu Qufei, the master of Wangwu,Coil nail machine, shouted in surprise. Luo Renlong strode to Jin Feng Sou Ke Zhengxiong's side and said coldly, "This swordsman is Luo Renlong, the creditor who wants to collect debts from you!" "Oh!" The three castles, the four factions, and the notaries were all surprised. Shu Lun had seen Luo Renlong before. Remembering Luo Renlong's white and handsome face, how could it be like this? I'm afraid it's the trick of Hongliu Village again. He shouted out: "This man's identity is suspicious. Please pay special attention. Don't be fooled by him." Luo Renlong giggled and said, "Calm down. Now is the time to ask the notary to examine the Tianmo Baolu." Pipa player Shulun was so injured that his forehead was almost on fire. In order to be reserved and upright, he had to hold back his anger in his heart and said, "Shaoxia Ma, please forgive my impulse." He was quite graceful. Luo Renlong gave a "hum" and said nothing more. Kuchan Zen Master quickly looked through Tianmo Baolu and said, "The contents of this book really lack one chapter of internal strength and half a chapter of stratagem." Then he passed Tianmo Baolu to another person. "Tian Mo Bao Lu" is famous in the universe, and anyone who has a chance to see it wants to read it more to satisfy his curiosity, so it takes a lot of time to circulate it. In the end, all the notaries unanimously confirmed the words of the Zen master. Mr. Liu Qufei, iron nail machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, the master of Wangwu, was not an eloquent person. Seeing this, he could not help holding his breath for a long time. Finally, he bowed his head and sighed and said, "This." As soon as the word "this" came out of his mouth, a bright moon suddenly came over. Gao Yongtai interrupted him and said, "Master Liu, please don't forget that since the old man of the sun and the moon has changed his mind, why wouldn't he destroy one and a half of Tianmo Baolu by himself?" He spoke so loudly that no one present could fail to hear him. Mr. Liu Qufei patted his thigh and said, "Not bad!"! Had it not been for Brother Gao's hint, we would have almost forgotten this. Then, in high spirits, he burst out laughing and said, "I wonder what you think of Brother Gao's statement?" Dozens of people on the notary table had a small commotion, some nodding, some sighing, apparently, a bright moon Gao Yongtai's words shook their original ideas. Luo Renlong was so angry that his eyes were red. He said angrily, "Is this kind of irresponsible talk a justice in Wulin?"? You say! You say! My father's decades of honorable behavior are not worth the lies of others? At the notary's table, there were many people who were very sympathetic to Luo Renlong, but they could not provide more powerful counter-evidence to deny the arguments of the three castles and four factions. So I had to stop talking. The weng stood up willfully and clapped his hands on the table, shaking the cups and plates. "I have no reason," he shouted. "Even if I don't believe the self-righteous words of the three castles and four factions, I won't be a notary. I'm on the side of Luo Shaoxia!" Then, no matter what people said about him, he strode away from the notary seat and came to Luo Renlong's side. Shu Lun, the lute player of the Second Castle of Shujiapu, said sarcastically, "Ren Daxia acts freely, but he is a typical example of a bloody man. He is much more respectable than those who use clever words to cover up their mistakes." With a self-willed "hum," the weng retorted, "Even if the three castles and four factions were to say a word of conscience by you, Shulun!" When Luo Renlong saw the swaggering momentum of the three castles and four factions, he really wanted to kill the people of the three castles and four factions under the sword, so that he could vent his resentment. When he thought of his hatred, his whole body trembled violently, and his right hand was buckled on the handle of the sword. Jinfeng Sou Ke Zheng was in a great hurry. He quickly reached out his hand and clasped Luo Renlong's wrist. "Renlong, Renlong, you have to calm down. Even if you can vent your anger for a while, you can only sink your father's grievance deeper and deeper. It has changed from being reasonable to being unreasonable, and you have lost the great significance of revenge." Luo Renlong was originally a very rational person. As soon as he was reminded, he immediately suppressed his anger, but he still hated himself: "My little nephew really can't swallow this tone!" -Jin Feng Sou Ke Zhengxiong advised, "It is never too late for a gentleman to take revenge. In the name of justice, the three castles and four factions have done this evil thing. We must take revenge. We must not let them die under the good name of upholding justice. We must put on their masks and make them lose their reputation and die." Jin Feng Sou Ke Zhengxiong also hated the three castles and four factions very much,Nail machine manufacturer, so he said this. Luo Renlong struck his head and said, "My nephew will take care of it." Jin Feng Sou Ke Zhengxiong said in an emphatic tone, "Knock out your front teeth and swallow blood. You must be patient to the end!" 。 3shardware.com