Supermodel saved the world again today.

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In fact, Ye Leshi said that he wanted to deal with him, and he was full of resentment. In fact, there was also a feeling of hatred because of love.

In fact, Ye Leshi said that he wanted to deal with him, and he was full of resentment. In fact, there was also a feeling of hatred because of love. But Bai Lian, she really jumped too long. The mobile phone rings, Angel is connected, and the voice of joy comes from the opposite side, "Do you really want the power in your hands to help me be the principal of No.9 Middle School?" Angel curled her lips, borrowing Ye Ming's influence: "Have you contacted the parents of the students who have been bullied by Li Gang?" "Contact, I asked them to sign a letter to the school and the Education Bureau." "Well, I've already found someone to tell the director of the Education Bureau, and then handed over the evidence of the corruption of the principal of No.9 Middle School. It's up to you, vice principal." Such a person as the headmaster of No.9 Middle School could not keep him to continue to harm the school, so Angel asked the younger brother No.1 to pay attention to the school leader of No.9 Middle School, who had the ability to be pressed by the headmaster and was resentful, to help him get on top. I wonder if Li Gang can continue to go on well without his father as principal and facing the abuse of so many classmates and parents? [Host, you've put up with this long enough.] "I want to show Oxfam that sometimes too much recklessness and recklessness will not solve the problem." Angel hung up the phone, walked out of the corridor, came to the stairs, stood high and looked at the happy Aunt Zheng downstairs and Ye Xingchen sitting on the sofa with a doll in her arms. The key is Bai Lian, I haven't figured out how to deal with her, in order to make her more painful. [Host, you can find someone she cares about most, such as Shen Jiayi.] Forget it. I'll think of something else. Now the Ye family will not go bankrupt because Lu Yichu stole trade secrets, Star Baby will get better after receiving treatment from a psychologist, after Lu Yichu and Bai Lian were punished, I. When will you leave? In what way. Angel remembered Shen Jiayi's paralyzed face and seemed to be reluctant to give up. [Don't worry,Nail production machine, the system has its own tricks.] However, if she leaves, it means Ye Leshi's death, so can Star Baby and Shen Jiayi bear it? Angel remembered the picture of the three people in front of the star's bedside. Everything is out of words. ———— Angel made an appointment to take Ye Xingchen to the amusement park on the weekend, but the irresponsible Ye Ming would not attend, so Angel made an appointment with Shen Jiayi. After the psychologist's active treatment, although Ye Xingchen is still unable to speak, he has learned to laugh. Doctors say that after one or two years of treatment, they can be the same as ordinary children, and if there is any great stimulation, it may increase the effect of treatment. When Ye Xingchen was very young, his mother ignored him and lived in such a dirty world. Although he was young and did not know anything, he was greatly stimulated like a piece of white paper dyed black. In addition, Automatic nail machine ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, the lack of love and abuse of Ye Le Shi, who came to Ye's home later, caused him a great psychological shadow. The doctor suggested that he could take Ye Xingchen out to play more and talk to him more, so that he could see the bright world and feel the beauty, which would be helpful to his condition. Angel understood that she was about to leave, so she hoped to leave some good memories for Ye Xingchen before she left, so she had this trip to the zoo. Angel wears a yellow yellow duck hat, wears a pale yellow dress printed with the social pig Peiqi, carries a small schoolbag with a kettle and some snacks in it, and holds Ye Xingchen waiting for Shen Jiayi at the bus stop. Ye Xingchen poked out his little face, which was also a yellow duck hat and a parent-child suit. He stuck out his little tongue and motioned for him to come down. The reason why Angel wants to go by bus is to let Ye Xingchen taste the life of ordinary people and let him know more about the world, after all, he has never taken a bus. She put Ye Xingchen down, Ye Xingchen holding the doll in his hand, will go to the middle of the road, he did not come out, every time out is the driver and the hospital, everything is very curious. Angel felt that the road was dangerous, and that if the vehicles coming and going accidentally touched her star cutie, she would really be distressed to death. Then an Qi begins to flicker again: "Star baby, can't step on the road, the following is like the sea, there are sharks inside.". ” As expected, Ye Xingchen withdrew his feet, turned his head and looked at Angel in a dull way, frowning his eyebrows as if he were thinking, and then tried to stick out his feet. You're too close to the shark! If you look at the people coming and going, they are all sailing on it. Strength pit brother sent Angel said. Then Angel remembered to let Ye Xingchen explore the world, so she was kind to his condition and said, "You can find out if there are sharks in it." Ye Xingchen is not interested in sharks. He just points to the fire engine coming towards him. It looks red and big to him. He wants to sit down. If you want to take the fire engine, you have to be a very handsome child to sit on it, so the star baby will become very handsome in the future, as handsome and smart as Shen Jiayi's brother. Angel is good at guiding. Shen Jiayi, who stood quietly behind Angel and Ye Xingchen and listened to the whole conversation, came: ".." The author has something to say: In the next chapter, Shen Jiayi is going to express his love. Ha ha ha, parent-child travel White Lotus will also pay the price. Chapter 28 be sweet every day (14). "What will he do if you mislead him like this?" Shen Jiayi is very worried about the future of Ye Xingchen, who has such a professional younger brother's sister. Don't worry about the future, just live in the present. Angel pinched Ye Xingchen's little face, patted his little buttocks, and stopped fooling around with him. And look at Ye Ming's brain and body, it is estimated that it is no problem to live a few more decades, with him, at least Ye Xingchen's material life is worry-free. What Angel can do now is to give Ye Xingchen some good psychological memories before she leaves. Angel turned her head and wanted Shen Jiayi not to stand so far away. As a result,nail manufacturing machine, she found Shen Jiayi wearing a yellow jacket and dark blue jeans. She felt a little strange. How could he be familiar with his clothes? Come on! Why are you standing so far away? Angel shouted to Shen Jiayi. Shen Jiayi sighed in the heart, not knowing whether to be glad that she did not see it, or to be sad about her dullness.