This host is super fierce [wear quickly]

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"Put away your cute tone." God knows how ugly the stereotyped electronic voice can be transformed into a Lolita voice.

"Put away your cute tone." God knows how ugly the stereotyped electronic voice can be transformed into a Lolita voice. "Well, let me change the question. I heard that you are a newly established department. Who is the officer of your department? I have been in the transit station for tens of thousands of years. Officers and colleagues, big and small, have met at least once. Let me hear it. When I finish this bad task, I can go back and visit you. There was another eerie silence from the system. Host, I am only the lowest system. How can I be qualified to know the name of the honorable officer? Ruan Wu sneered, "no matter, anyway, I have plenty of time, let's play for the time being." Ruan Wu swore that she had definitely heard the system breathe a sigh of relief after she finished. She had never been a person who liked to use her brain, and if this did not involve Jiang Wu, she would not care about any messy plots. Even if Jiang Wu was involved, her curiosity and patience were limited to this, and she was too lazy to ask any more questions. Anyway, the artist is bold. With a knife in her hand, she is not afraid of anything. Ruan Wu turned over lazily on the couch and fanned the round fan in his hand. He looked inexplicably silent for a long time before he opened his mouth leisurely. "Where is the little emperor?"? Give me a perspective. What kind of demon is he doing? As if extremely afraid of Ruan Wu to ask other, 111 very quickly to Ruan Wu switched out the picture of the little emperor, even the electronic voice can hear the flattery. [Host,drum spill pallet, you are so predictable. The little emperor is going to cut people down again!] Idiot! Is the tea so hot that it will kill me?! In his bedroom, the little emperor poured the cup of hot tea directly on the palace people. The boiling hot tea instantly made the skin of the palace people red and swollen, and the palace people trembled with pain, but did not dare to make a little cry. Only kneeling on the ground, the body kept shaking and shaking, big drops of sweat fell on the ground, I do not know whether it was painful or frightened. Unbridled! You all bully me! The little emperor was not angry enough,collapsible pallet box, so he rushed forward and kicked the palace man to the ground. "Come on!"! Drag him down and cut him down! The palace man collapsed on the ground and stopped shaking. He fainted completely and was dragged out of the bedroom by two little eunuchs. Zhao Quan! Make me another pot of tea! The little emperor's Drake voice kept echoing in the bedroom hall, and every time he shouted, the palace people who served him turned pale, "Zhao Quan!"! Where is Zhao Quan? Why don't you get over here?! "Huang Huang Huang.." The emperor Finally, a eunuch knelt shakily in front of the little emperor and stammered, "Grandfather Zhao." He is now on duty in the Imperial Garden. Oh, by the way, his mother punished him before. The little emperor's face froze for a moment, but then he thought of the mother and uncle who were holding him together, and the next second he became more and more furious! He stared with red eyes and kicked the eunuch. "I am the emperor!"! This world I said to count! What are you waiting for?! Why don't you call him over to me? "No!" The eunuch was kicked to roll on the ground a circle, did not dare to have any pause, even rolling and crawling to climb out, "the slave is going to Xuan Zhao father-in-law." The little emperor looked at the back of the eunuch in a hurry, plastic pallet crates ,collapsible bulk containers, and his anger slowly overflowed with a trace of unwillingness and hesitation. When the eunuch was about to leave, he said, "Wait!"! I'll find him myself! Ruan Wu looked at the picture that 111 switched to her, suddenly threw away the round fan in his hand, turned over and sat up from the bed. Ruan Wu straightened his clothes, opened the door of the bedroom and went out. Empress Dowager, "Clinique took a surprised look at Ruan Wu, who suddenly came out of the bedroom, and hurried up to meet her." What are you.. " Ruan Wu glanced at Clinique lightly and said as he walked out, "Ai Jia looks at the night quite well. He wants to go to the imperial garden for a walk. You don't have to follow him." "This is even more revealing. The empress can't do it!" Clinique could not help but retort, but when she looked up at Ruan Wu's faint eyes, she was startled and stiffly changed her tone. "The maidservant is just worried about the safety of the empress. Please allow the maidservant to follow her. It's already late at night, so that the maidservant can carry the lamp for you.". ” "Why don't you understand Ai Jia's words?" Ruan Wu chuckled, but there was no smile in his eyes. Ruan Wu looked at the past, Clinique's face instantly pale, forehead floating on a layer of cold sweat, subconsciously kneeling on the ground, "is the maidservant over, ask the Empress Dowager to punish." Ruan Wu did not respond to her and went directly to the imperial garden. Clinique listened to Ruan Wu's footsteps and walked farther and farther, hesitating and daring to look out. Outside the half-open palace gate was a deep night, dark as if it could swallow people, while Ruan Wu had gone far away and could not see the figure. She bit her lip and knelt on the ground and shook her body, but she didn't have the courage to stand up. I do not know why the once soft and kind Empress Dowager suddenly seemed to be a different person, although more smiling than before, but inexplicably let people fear. The author has something to say: This chapter is a plus. There will be another chapter later. Chapter 26 Imperial Policy (10). The little emperor rushed to the imperial garden, followed by the mighty palace people. A group of people are amazing, there are few people in the imperial garden at night, and their arrival completely disturbs the calm of the imperial garden. The little emperor with a cavity of anger in the imperial garden around several circles, only to see a few night duty palace people, can not help but more angry, "Zhao Quan?!" Along the way, the eunuch who wanted to remind him but was afraid of being implicated by the anger of the little emperor finally stood up. "Your Majesty, although Grandfather Zhao is on duty in the imperial garden, he is not placed here. At this time, he should be in the Yuxi Palace.". Yuxi Palace is the residence of the lowest palace people in the palace, built in the most remote part of the palace. The little emperor choked for a moment. In fact, no matter how much anger he had, it was almost gone. After walking for so long, he felt tired as soon as he stopped. He just wanted to go back to the palace and have a good sleep than to go to the Yuxi Palace, which was farther away. But he looked at the palace people behind him, so went back in the end some do not come to the stage,plastic bulk containers, "then what are you still waiting for?"! Don't take me there! "No!" The eunuch stood up. "The slave dared to lead the way for the emperor." The eunuch, carrying the palace lantern, led the little emperor around the imperial garden and came to a path.