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When Lu Xiyuan heard this, she bit her lips and a tangle flashed across her face. Then she asked, "You.."

When Lu Xiyuan heard this, she bit her lips and a tangle flashed across her face. Then she asked, "You.." Do you really like her? Of course she was referring to Qin Huanhuan. Of course Qin Huanhuan is his wife! If he doesn't like Qin Huanhuan, can he still like her? "No.." Do you like the power of her family? Lu Xiyuan asked tentatively. What do you mean by that? Long Ni asked unwillingly. Does he look like he's lusting for power? What's more, this family property of the Qin family is nothing at all in his eyes! If he is greedy for power and waves his hand, he can become a king and have countless wealth and resources. The Qin family has a great cause. You are an ambitious person. It's normal to like the power of their family. Lu Xiyuan thought she knew the dragon very well and said. Chapter 2409 stupid dragon husband, please hug 67. How interesting. When Long Ni heard Lu Xiyuan's words, he immediately rolled his eyes. Her tone of voice, which she thought she knew him well, really bored him. What are you thinking? "Which eye did you see that I was ambitious?" Asked the dragon. "Then you." Then why did he marry a loser! "Power and money are not attractive to me at all." Long Ni looked at Lu Xiyuan seriously and said, "I just want to live a sweet life with Qin Huanhuan. I don't want to ask anything else. So, no matter what you think about me, don't bother me in the future. Otherwise, I won't be so polite to you again." With that, Long Ni really left, leaving Lu Xiyuan standing in place with a pale face. He said he liked Qin Huanhuan. He said that no matter what she thought of him, she was not allowed to disturb him again. Lu Xiyuan listened to Long Ni's merciless words,brass tube fitting, and the whole person was a little confused. She thinks she is very attractive, and Long Ni will certainly have a good impression or affection for her. But The fact gave her a heavy blow. Long Ni doesn't like her at all. Qin Huanhuan is the only one in Long Ni's eyes and heart! After a long time, when the night wind was blowing, Lu Xiyuan staggered back to her own yard and cried bitterly. And the other side. When the dragon went into the room, Qin Huanhuan instantly smelled the fragrance beside him. For some reason, her sense of smell suddenly seemed to be much more sensitive. Still up? Seeing that Qin Huanhuan was still awake,38 tube fitting, Long Ni hurriedly went to Qin Huanhuan's side and sat down. "Can't you fall asleep without your husband holding you?" He said happily. When Qin Huanhuan heard this, he glared at him and said, "Why don't you give me an honest account?" Uh? Long Ni is stupefied, just way: "Do you know?" "I smelled her fragrance." Qin Huanhuan said. Hearing this, Long Ni's eyes flashed a touch of chagrin. He had let the woman far away from him, and his side was still infected with her fragrance. Darn it! A woman's family, why do you make so fragrant on your body! Look how good his little daughter-in-law is, there is only a faint body fragrance on her body, not to mention how good it smells! Originally, Long Ni did not intend to bother Qin Huanhuan with this matter, but when he saw Qin Huanhuan asked, he told Qin Huanhuan about the future of the dragon. After listening to Long Ni's words, ball valve manufacturer ,needle valve manufacturer, Qin Huanhuan patted Long Ni's handsome face with great satisfaction and said, "Well done." Long Ni laughed like an Erha in an instant. That Is there a reward? Asked the dragon. When Qin Huanhuan heard this, he went straight up and dropped a kiss on his cheek. Long Ni felt the softness on his face, how could he let Qin Huanhuan go like this? He turned his head directly and took Qin Huanhuan into his arms, which was a deep kiss. Feeling that Long Ni's hand was going somewhere, Qin Huanhuan hurriedly said, "No!" Long Ni Wen Yan, thought of Qin Huanhuan crying and shouting last night, the heart has been compromised, but still can not help but ask: "Really not?" "No." Qin Huanhuan shook his head. If she misbehaves again tonight, she might as well live in bed and not go anywhere. Long Ni: Cry. As a lewd dragon who has just eaten meat, Bah, silver dragon, dragon inverse said that the feeling of seeing meat dangling in front of us but not eating is simply worse than death! Chapter 2410 stupid dragon husband, please hug 68. In this way, Long Ni spent the whole night in hidden bitterness. The next morning, Qin Huanhuan finally regained his previous vitality, got up refreshed, had breakfast and went out for a walk with Long Ni, and had a very pleasant life. In addition, because Qin Huanhuan's meridians and collaterals have been unobstructed, Qin's father has begun to find a master to teach Qin Huanhuan to practice. After all, Qin Huanhuan is almost twenty years old, and now practice will not have too much good fortune, therefore, many people are not willing to teach Qin Huanhuan this disciple. After two or three days, Qin's father found a master with a fairly good reputation. As a result, the master was startled when he saw Qin Huanhuan. He said that the great spiritual power in Qin Huanhuan's body was completely like a person who had practiced for ten or twenty years. He also asked Qin's father if he was joking with him that Qin Huanhuan had not practiced. Several people all looked confused. Finally, Long Ni quietly explained to Qin Huanhuan that when the two of them were brewing sauce, Qin Huanhuan's body would absorb his dragon spirit to help her practice, just like double cultivation. It's just that she and Long Ni are the unilateral profits of Qin Huanhuan. After Qin Huanhuan knew, he couldn't run over and tell Qin's father about it, could he? Qin Huanhuan could only pull Qin's mother to tell Qin's mother about this matter in an obscure way. Originally, after Qin's mother knew something strange about Qin Huanhuan's practice, she thought it might be related to the inverse of the dragon. At this time, listening to Qin Huanhuan, Qin's mother understood. Hi! She really found a good son-in-law! Her daughter has such a good eye! The son-in-law not only solved his daughter's meridian problem, but also. Also let the spiritual power in Qin Huanhuan's body reach the state of practicing for more than ten years,12 needle valve, which is really awesome! After waiting for Qin's mother to leave, he went to find Qin's father and said a few words faintly, and Qin's father understood what was going on. chinaroke.com