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With such a sharp weapon, the Golden Knife Flame Forbidden Law was launched this time, and its power

With such a sharp weapon, the Golden Knife Flame Forbidden Law was launched this time, and its power was so strong that I was surprised. The flame of the Golden Knife, which was originally sent out by the Forbidden Law of the Golden Knife Flame, has suddenly changed. Among the thousands of golden knives, there are six kinds of dazzling weapons. I have practiced the Golden Knife Flame Forbidden Law to level 21, and the Golden Knife in the Forbidden Law has reached 2,100. And the power of the ancient gold amulet is closely related to the level of magic power. My 15th level of innate Geng Jin Chi Lei Jian Sha, plus the 20th level of Golden Knife Flame Forbidden Law, makes the weapons transformed from the ancient golden amulet more powerful than the Forbidden Law itself, and suddenly increases their power by tens of times. The black dragon of my target, in his sleep, was cut to pieces by thousands of Xuanjin weapons. Along with the mountains they occupy, the golden knives, swords, spears, axes and hooks in the forbidden law.. Divided into pieces all over the sky. Countless sand and stones, the turbid sea water is in a daze. The flesh and blood of the black dragon was instantly washed into a bloody red wave by the sea. Holy shit! Not so fierce, right? I'm afraid I've refined a complete set of Xuanyin banners, and the power is such a level! I secretly wiped a cold sweat,Flushometer valve, hurriedly controlled the escape light, and fled out of the nest of the black dragon. Such a big movement, and so on will be detected by the group of black dragons, group and attack, I this new Shushan peerless master, I am afraid to lose face. After I escaped more than a hundred miles, I looked back in a hurry and saw countless black dragons soaring in the sea area,stainless steel toilet, which was even bigger than the last siege of the big and small nuns. Bastard bald aunt, actually lie, the black dragon here is afraid to be at least twice as much as they said. "Six Desires of Yin and Thunder Trapped in the Demon Net Unless it can be sacrificed to the realm of perfection, it is impossible to sweep away the Black Dragon's hometown with its present power." After carefully counting the black dragons flying on the sea, I suddenly found myself somewhat deceived. Two golden lights flew far from the west. I was thinking about how to deal with the nuns and disciples when I found that they were also aware of the changes here and flew to see what had happened. I have on my body two black snakes made by thousands of thunder, which they have sacrificed. No matter how far I go, I can be found by them. So I did not intend to hide, flying out of the sea to greet them. Seeing that my whole body was soaked with blood, the old nun was also taken aback. He hurriedly raised his hand and sent out a golden rainbow, pulling me away immediately. Dun Guang quickly rushed back to the island where they lived in less than ten minutes. The little benefactor is really too impatient. Our magic has not been refined yet. How can you act rashly? As soon as the old nun said this, I immediately shouted angrily: "Even if the magic is refined, there is no way to deal with so many black dragons in the magic net of the six desires."? As you can see just now, there are almost two hundred black dragons above level 100, and there are one hundred and fifty or sixty black dragons above level 70 or 80. How can we cope with that old dragon? I shouted back, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,stainless steel shower tray, and the old man was not in a hurry. Said lightly, "The little benefactor has been missing for several days. In the past few days, some black dragons have successfully survived the second disaster, and some of the dragon eggs have hatched. Speaking of it, the old nun would like to ask why the little benefactor suddenly disappeared." "This?"? I can't tell you! The time in Shushan is different from that outside. I just took a nap in the office, but a few days have passed in Shushan. But I have no reason to see with an NPC. So he hastily muddled over. The old nun did not intend to pursue, but said lightly: "It could have restrained the six desires of the dragon group, but now the power seems to be inadequate.". The old nun decides to ask his friend for help. Can the little benefactor stay here and check the movements of these evil animals? The old man will come back in seven or eight days or three or five days. "No problem, Abbess, just go!"! I stand my ground here and never take a step back. Promise not to let other players steal our business! With my promise, the old nun and the little nun turned into a golden light and went straight to the northwest. I see the direction she flew away, or in the depths of the sea, it seems that this old nun's friend, also thought that the sea scattered immortals. They left just in time, I want to seize this period of time, familiar with the power of the golden knife flame forbidden law. Try to turn all the exorcisms into dragon costumes before they come back! Shushan Volume 14 Fulong Chapter 3 www. Xiaoshuotxt. Of the Mental Method of the Gold System, com For the first time, Huang Qi I hurriedly pulled Sheffield down to the ground and hid behind a huge rock. Xie Feier's eyes are sharp, only looked at the sky, that is, said to me: "Is that the black dragon boss who is chasing you?" I nodded and looked up at the sky with a nervous expression. I felt a big regret in my heart: "How can I not prepare a few more treasures for long-distance inspection?"? Now you can hear what the two old guys are saying! However, this will be too late to regret, the old man in yellow robes, dignified bearing, like the emperor, compared to the old black dragon's domineering appearance, a bit more unfathomable. Two people each rumor conversation, in the wind comes faintly, must break. Old Ni. Six desires are trapped in the magic net, unless. Xuan Gui Dao. Intermittent sounds like that. I put all kinds of information together in my heart, and suddenly I had a strange idea. Could it be that the old black dragon wanted to get a magic weapon that could resist the evil net of six desires? After I learned from the nuns, big and small, how to sacrifice and refine the magic net, I knew very well the power of this magic weapon. Given time, I could refine one myself. However, although this baby equipment requirements are not extremely high, but the speed of consumption of True Qi is extremely fast, before level 100, I can only dream. Unless I can find someone to train with. But there is a very important problem, Shushan in the practice method, is unable to teach others, unless someone also received the task of the big and small nuns. It's too late to find Qinglong Dance now. Send a message to them and tell them that it depends on luck later. Sent a group of text messages to go out, this time the old black, has turned to escape light to leave,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, look at the direction, seems to be the same as my destination, is also the South China Sea Xuan Gui Island.