I became a group pet after I was born in the 1980s.

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Yu Meng looked at Song Lianzhou, who was speechless. She looked away in puzzlement and put her eyes on sister-in-law Li: "So, sister-in-law, don't worry!"

Yu Meng looked at Song Lianzhou, who was speechless. She looked away in puzzlement and put her eyes on sister-in-law Li: "So, sister-in-law, don't worry!" Song Lianzhou took the knife, a few times so that they did not dare to be arrogant with them. Yu Meng has honey confidence in Song Lianzhou. In Meng's heart, the villain can only be killed by the man, except for the man, everyone else is the cannon fodder of the villain. You two- "" Li sister-in-law did not expect that Yu Meng was more difficult to persuade than Song Lianzhou. She sighed: "You two, how so axis, here is someone else's territory, you two understand?" "Sister-in-law, you can rest assured that if we can't stand it, we will go by car immediately." Yu Meng took sister-in-law Li's hand and comforted her. Li sister-in-law came to persuade the two of them, absolutely will not be Lin Dahu himself released so simple, must have heard other news,cosmetic plastic tube, but she is not convenient to say. Yu Meng had a fight with the Lin brothers before, and the three of them never hit her. Knowing that sister-in-law Li was worried, Song Lianzhou told her about the fight between Yu Meng and the Lin brothers. At the beginning, the Lin brothers did not mention anything about it when they returned to the village because the father and son were not too cute. But Yu Meng and Song Lianzhou's attention has not been on this matter, plus the village is not too familiar with people and this matter for the two people is nothing to show off,plastic laminted tube, so they did not mention it again. What? Sister-in-law Li's first reaction when she heard this was the idea of denial. How could a girl beat three big men? Apart from Song Lianzhou and the Lin family, no one in Heshan Village knew about Yu Meng's strange power, so it was normal for sister-in-law Li to suspect it. They are too weak. At that time, Yu Meng thought it was because she fought a lot, so she was good at fighting the Lin brothers. Now it seems that on the one hand, it was because of experience, and on the other hand, the original owner grew up in Zhongshiyuan. People who grow up in Zhongshiyuan will have some martial arts skills more or less. So thinking, Yu Meng's eyes fell on Song Lianzhou's body: "Before you." You didn't train with me or anything? They all grew up in Zhongshiyuan. Why is he so weak and can't do anything? She doesn't believe it. When I was young, I was too weak to be with you very often. Song Lianzhou pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and opened his mouth in a sincere tone. Yu Meng even heard his envy from his tone. Yu Meng looked at him suspiciously for a while before nodding: "All right." When sister-in-law Li heard the conversation between the two men, the uneasiness in her heart subsided a little: "It's good that you have a sense of propriety." She saw that she could not persuade them to go home, plastic packing tube ,eye cream packaging tube, so she did not persuade them to go home again. She followed Yu Meng and they exchanged a few words and went home. Sister-in-law, come for a walk when you are free! Yu Meng sent Li's sister-in-law to the door and then turned to Song Lianzhou and said, "Do you think the brothers of the Lin family will be released?" How did she feel that it was not just as simple as Lin Dahu being brought out? "The clinic's retaliation is just their first step." When Song Lianzhou said this, his eyes turned to the direction of the village clinic. Yu Meng followed his line of sight and frowned: "Is such a high-profile revenge telling us that the Lin family will not collapse?" Who on earth gave them the courage to feel that they had the strength to provoke the laws of the country? Is it Liang Jingru? Chapter 165 care about him [ask for a recommendation ticket ~] "Lin Dahu's return is the first step, followed by the Lin brothers." When Yu Meng said this, she paused for a moment. She turned her head and looked at Song Lianzhou: "Did you go to the Bureau to ask today?" He didn't ask the right thing, did he? Hearing this, Song Lianzhou's eyebrows were tinged with softness. "Do you think I've gone?" "Cut the crap and say it quickly." Yu Meng pulled his arm home, and now she wanted to know what the Lin family would do next. When they returned to the house, Song Lianzhou opened his mouth to Yu Meng: "I knew about Lin Dahu's coming out. However, I didn't find out anything about the brothers of the Lin family. I will go to find someone to find out tomorrow." He planned to go to the supply and marketing cooperative at the entrance of the village tomorrow to call Jiang Chuan and ask him to help him find a way. The Lin family wants revenge now, he dare not put Yu Meng alone at home, even if her hands-on ability is very strong, but he is still not at ease. If we smash the clinic today, will they smash our house tomorrow? Yu Meng's eyebrows are tightly wrinkled together. She's going to sell wontons tomorrow morning, leaving Song Lianzhou alone at home. To be honest, she's a little worried. Song Lianzhou should belong to the kind of cold arrow, let him face a few big men alone, she is really a little afraid that he can not beat, when the time comes to get hurt. It's possible. Song Lianzhou nodded and twisted his eyebrows together. This is the last place he can live, and if they really come to smash their homes. "I'm going to sell wontons tomorrow morning. Can you stay at home alone?" Yu Meng frowned and asked him. Money must be earned, and home must be kept. She must earn ten yuan in three days, otherwise she is afraid that the system will cheat her from other places. No- Song Lianzhou wanted to say that he could not stay at home alone and wanted Yu Meng to stay at home with him. But before he had finished speaking, the voice of his favorite wife came to his ears. [Ding-Congratulations to the host for triggering the new task'Beauty Saves Hero ', task reward: 2 days of life value] Seeing the life value of two days, Song Lianzhou was moved. So, without thinking about it, he changed his words: "Yes." “…… As long as you're okay. Yu Meng didn't know what made Song Lianzhou change his words at first, but he said yes, so she could sell wontons without any burden. Thinking, she couldn't help telling him: "If they come to trouble you tomorrow, don't go home, you run first." Keep the green hills, not afraid of no firewood. Wait for her to come back and see what she does with Lin Jing. It should not be smashed brazenly. When Song Lianzhou said this,plastic laminated tube, he had no idea. After all, the task of the pet wife is to save the hero by the beauty, which shows that he will encounter danger and let Yu Meng save him. I don't think it was sneaking around when the village clinic was smashed. They did it on purpose when she was not at home. emptycosmetictubes.com