Cao San Shao Edition Bad Guy 3 (Bad Guy 3 Bar)

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Send the best man against us! "Well, I think the other side may have sent more than these two people!"!

Send the best man against us! "Well, I think the other side may have sent more than these two people!"! Han Fei has always wanted to beat me head-on, and the Philippines is really a good choice. Xie Wendong said. Brother Dong, what shall we do? The people in the car said in chorus. You know, there are not many people on our side in the Philippines now. If a large number of people come from the Green Gang, it will be very bad. Xie Wendong flicked the unlit cigarette from the window and murmured, "I'm looking forward to it. I hope Han Fei won't let me down." Is what Xie Wendong said wrong? Did the Green Gang really send someone. The answer is-yes. This time, Han Fei recalled the "Seven Stars" from all over the country, temporarily ending the obstruction plan of Xie Wendong's unification plan. This is because he wants to take Hongmen to have a try. What is the strength of the Green Gang now. Han Fei is an unrestrained person, Kennedy-Luo Qieside with financial problems, pressure on Han Fei, he sent all the killers, to assassinate Xie Wendong. Although he was disgusted with doing so, he had to bow his head under the eaves. Han Fei verbally promised, but did not do as he said. All along, he wanted to beat Xie Wendong head-on. Xie Wendong beat him twice. He only needs to beat Xie Wendong once. As for the Federal Reserve and Kennedy's, screw them. Jianghu Road "Seven stars get together, there must be changes in the situation". Because of the participation of "Seven Stars", Hongmen in the Philippines is destined to be a big stumbling block on Xie Wendong's way forward. To remove this stumbling block, we have to make great efforts. A group of people drove directly from the airport to the dock. According to Li Shuang,cosmetic tube packaging, the Hongmen branch is now temporarily located in a place called Blackbird. The blackbird is translated according to their language, and the original name is a long string of tadpole characters. The yacht pulled anchor and sailed at full speed. In this way, it took a full hour to get to the island. On the island, the oncoming is the local aborigines, they take out all kinds of strange things, to sell to the original guests. Handicrafts, like local tourism,pump tube, are an important source of foreign exchange for the Philippines. Xie Wendong was not interested in those things, but ordered Golden Eye to hand over some money to those people. At least you won't get in the way. Unlike men like Xie Wendong, Huang Jinli and Hu Xuewei are very interested in those gadgets. I like this one, and I like that one. They have the money. It's nothing. Just buy it together. The two of them were happy, but Chu Bo suffered. He finally had no choice but to carry the four boxes back to the stronghold. Seeing Chu Bo panting, Li Shuang turned around and asked, "Brother Dong, what's wrong with Xiao Chu? How can he be ordered by two little girls?" Xie Wendong smiled without a word, but the golden eye laughed and said, "Now, Xiao Chu is our public figure.". In one day, he won the daughter of the Korean Hu's consortium. One day? Come on, that fast? Li Shuang's face was pale, as if he was frightened. In fact, metal cosmetic tubes ,custom cosmetic packaging, he was completely shocked. He had seen Hu Xuewei before, and felt that she was not the kind of girl who was a womanizer. On the contrary, it gives people a very simple taste. Chu Bo took Hu Xuewei in one day, which can only explain one problem. I burned a lot of incense in my previous life. "Of course it's true," said Goldeneye. "Now we all call it Chu Bo Jian-10." "J-10?"? What the hell is that? Li Shuang knew very little about military affairs, and the only thing that could make him show off was the old gun. Golden-eyed old God is in: "fighter plane, he is the idol of brothers now.". A fighter among men. "Ha ha, fighter plane, so it came from here." Li Shuang laughed. At this time, Chu Bo took Hu Xuewei's hand and came in. Seeing Li Shuang laughing, he felt curious and asked, "Brother Shuang, what are you laughing at?" Li Shuang saw the appearance of the two people and thought of a rather funny word to describe it. He covered his stomach and doubled over with laughter. Not to mention Chu Bo and Hu Xuewei, even the golden eye who had just talked to him, Xie Wendong, who was sitting on a chair beside him, felt puzzled. Brother Shuang, what are you laughing at? Zhang Guonan came in and asked curiously. At this time, several brothers came in and stared at him. Li Shuang covered his stomach and forcibly supported his body. I just thought of something. If Xiao Chu is a fighter, will Xuewei soon become an aircraft carrier. An aircraft carrier is a big airfield. Let Li Shuang happy half dead, is this? Everyone was shocked and secretly said that it was a cold joke. But then, Hu Xuewei's words, but let everyone almost breathe. Hu Xuewei lowered her head, forgot her own glance, and quietly said in an astringent tone: "34C, not the airport." Coincidentally, Huang Jinli had just told her a few days ago that the airport had another meaning. When her words came out, almost everyone laughed. Chu Bo touched the back of his head shyly, while Xie Wendong crossed his legs and raised the corners of his mouth slightly. Tian Qi and Chu Bo became the second batch of cadres at about the same time, and they had a good relationship. Tian Qi blinked his eyes and held out a thumb to Chu Bo. He said with a smile, "Abo, you are blessed." Originally Chu Bo was embarrassed, but now he felt even more embarrassed when Tian Qi said so. He lifted his eyes to see if there was a crack in the ground so that he could get into it. The only one who did not laugh and still stood there foolishly was Hu Xuewei. Hu Xuewei suddenly fanned her eyelashes up and down, full of curiosity. She walked up to Chu Bo and asked, "Xiao Bo, what are they laughing at?" Chu Boqiao said, "I forgot to take the medicine." When he finished this sentence, Chu Bo felt that something was wrong. He suddenly turned his head and saw Xie Wendong squinting and smiling. Brother Dong's expression, coupled with the words just now, Chu Bo timidly stuck out his tongue. Frightened, and then secretly looked at Xie Wendong, Dongge's expression is still maintained, did not mind at all. At this point, Chu Bo was completely relieved. After everyone laughed, Xie Wendong asked everyone to clean up their expressions and began the plan to subdue Hongmen in the Philippines. At the beginning of the meeting,empty lotion tubes, Xie Wendong first asked Tian Qi and Fang Tianhua, who had stayed in the Philippines for several months, to talk about their views on the war.