Lu Xiaofeng series ghost villa

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The eighth chapter reuses Lu Xiaofeng. Chapter 9 Beauty's favor. The tenth chapter takes the risk of climbing the pavilion.

The eighth chapter reuses Lu Xiaofeng. Chapter 9 Beauty's favor. The tenth chapter takes the risk of climbing the pavilion. Chapter 11 Operation Sky Thunder. Chapter 12 haunted house Chapter 13 must succeed. Chapter 14 Romantic Uncle Chapter 15 a clever plan to break out of the tight encirclement Chapter 16 a higher move. Chapter 17 being attacked and captured. Title Old Rain Tower · Gu Long "Lu Xiaofeng Series · Ghost Villa" — — Chapter 1 Lu Xiaofeng's Escape Gu Long's Lu Xiaofeng Series: Ghost Village Chapter One Lu Xiaofeng's Escape Under the glossy and soft bronze paperweight, there are twelve white paper cards, and seven people are sitting at the elegant Eight Immortals table. Seven people who are famous all over the world and famous in Jianghu. Gusong Jushi, Wooden Taoist, Bitter Gourd Monk, Mr. Tang Er, Xiaoxiang Swordsman, Sikong Picking Stars, Huamanlou. The identities of these seven people are very strange, and their origins are even more different. Among them, there are monks and Taoists, hermits, lone knight-errant thieves, and big ones. Inside the masters, there are the children of famous families wandering around the world, as well as the predecessors of Wulin who play the game of wind and dust. They are gathered here because they have one thing in common. They are all friends of Lu Xiaofeng. Now they have something in common. All seven of them have serious expressions and heavy hearts. Especially the wooden Taoist. Everyone is watching him, waiting for him to open his mouth. It was not easy for him to find them, and of course he had a very important reason. There was wine on the table,ghana seed extract, but no one raised his glass. There was food, and no one touched it. There is wind blowing, full of flowers, in this beautiful season, it should be the time when people are in the happiest mood. They are the most free and unconstrained people, why do they have so many worries? Hua Manlou is a blind man, and a blind man shouldn't light a lamp,lutein eye complex, but he is the one who lights the hexagonal copper lamp on the table. There are a lot of things in the world are like this, should not happen, but just happened. Wooden Taoist sighed, finally opened his mouth, everyone has done something wrong, as long as the mistake can be corrected, it is good. Yes. Although he tried to control himself, his voice was still very excited, but some things are absolutely not wrong, you If you do it wrong once, there is only one way to go. "Dead End?" Sikong picked the stars and asked. The wooden Taoist nodded and picked up the bronze paperweight on the table. On the twelve paper cards were the names of twelve people. Twelve great names! "They didn't deserve to die. It's not easy for anyone to kill them. It's a pity that they all committed a fatal crime." Mistake He drew four cards from the stack, especially these four people, whose names you must have heard of! Four cards, carnosic acid price ,best green coffee bean extract, four names. Gao Tao: Incense Lord of the three halls in Fengwei Gang. Charge: Collaborating with the enemy and betraying friends. Killer: Simon the Snow Blower. As a result, he fled for 12 days and died in the swamp. Gu Feiyun: Bashan swordsman's mantle is passed on. Charges: killing a friend's son, raping a friend's wife. Killer: Simon the Snow Blower. Result: 15 days on the run, died in the middle of the city. Liu Qingqing, a chivalrous woman of Huainan, is the wife of Xie Jian, a swordsman of Dian Cang. Charges: adultery, murder of husband. Killer: Simon the Snow Blower. Result: 19 days on the run, died in the desert. One-armed dragon "Hai Qikuo". Charge: Killing innocent people. Killer: Simon the Snow Blower. Result: On the 19th day of escape, the boat capsized and died at sea. Of course, everyone has heard of the names of these four people, but the most familiar one is Ximen Chuixue! As long as you have practiced martial arts, who doesn't know Ximen Chuixue? Who dares to say that his swordsmanship is not the best in the world! "I've seen Ximen Chuixue," said the Xiaoxiang swordsman. After the battle at the top of the Forbidden City, even the first master in the world could not but admit that his swordsmanship was really non-existent. No one can beat him, but I can't see that he is a busybody. "He's not in charge of making trouble," said Hua Manlou. Sikong Diaoxing immediately added, "Although he seldom makes friends himself, he hates people who betray his friends." Xiaoxiang swordsman closed his mouth, but Mr. Tang Er opened his mouth. Tangmen's poison hidden weapon in Sichuan is famous all over the world, and Mr. Tang Er's dislike of talking is also very famous, but now suddenly Do you think their fatal mistake was to betray their friends? "Isn't it?" Asked Sikong, picking up the stars. Mr. Tang Er shook his head and did not say another word, because he knew that someone must have understood what he meant. Sure enough, some people understand that their fatal mistakes are the same. "What is the same?" "Ximen Chuixue, the wooden Taoist said slowly," If Ximen Chuixue wants to kill someone, no one can escape. " Even if you run away, you can't escape for nineteen days. These twelve men were killed by the sword of Simon the Snow Blower. The wooden Taoist's expression was even heavier: "Now there is another one." It's the same fatal mistake as them, and it's worse. "Oh?" "Not only did he betray his friend, but he betrayed Simon the Snow Blower." "Who is this man?" "Lu Xiaofeng!"! There was a silence, a suffocating silence. Xiaoxiang swordsman was the first to break the silence: "I know Lu Xiaofeng is not only a friend of Ximen Chuixue, but also his kindness." People "It's a pity," sighed the wooden Taoist, "that the kindness has been avenged, but the revenge has not yet been avenged." "What enmity?" Asked the Xiaoxiang swordsman. "Take away your wife," said the wooden Taoist. The Wei Xiang swordsman was moved. "Is there any evidence?" He asked. "Yes," said the wooden Taoist. "What evidence?" Asked Hsiao Hsiang. "He saw them on the bed with his own eyes," said the wooden Taoist. Xiaoxiang swordsman suddenly picked up the glass in front of him and drank it down. Sikong picked up the stars and drank faster than he did. The only one who could still keep calm was Hua Manlou. The wine glass was full, but he only took a shallow sip: Lu Xiaofeng is definitely not. That kind of person, there must be something else in this matter. Sikong Diaoxing immediately agreed: "Maybe he was drugged,fenugreek saponins, maybe they didn't do anything in bed at all.". These reasons were not very good, and even he was not satisfied with them, so he drank another cup. The person who draws a conclusion is usually the one who opens his mouth the least.